Filtering Out the Gunk

David and I have a friend that’s a doctor. He convinced us that our water was TERRIBLE and talked us into buying a filtration system.

So, we installed this big stainless steel distiller in our basement. It’s supposed to boil all the JUNK out of the water, filter it twice, and send it up to the little faucet in the kitchen.

I was kinda upset! After all that, the water still tasted like…WATER! (I’m just sayin’!)

But then, a few months went by and the water started smelling FISHY! Yuck!!!

When I called Doc to complain, he asked me if I’d cleaned the distiller and changed the filters.


The inside of the distiller pot was entirely coated with this thick, white, GUNKY material that wouldn’t come out until we soaked it overnight in vinegar.

Even then, the stuff had to be chipped out with a knife. Some of the chards of sediment were SO SHARP they could cut you!

It was CRAZY! That’s the stuff that we’d been drinking!

The same thing can happen in our minds if we don’t put a FILTER on our thoughts and think about what we’re thinking about.

We should never let STRESS get the best of us. Any problem worth worrying about is a problem worth praying about!

Prayer is so POWERFUL! God wants us to live as WINNERS… not worrisome!

Prayer time is our “Hi, God” time. It’s when we can talk to Him, share what’s going on in our lives, and FLUSH OUT all those gunky, stressful thoughts!


Is there something (or someone) STRESSING YOU OUT and clouding up your thoughts?

Continue reading Rest Not Stress on page 189 of Hi God (It’s Me Again) and fill out pages 185-188 of the Hi God Journal and Study Guide.


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  1. Gary Ross

    We should never let STRESS get the best of us. Any problem worth worrying about is a problem worth praying about! I want to paste that to my mirror!!!! I am 70 and it seems like most of my life has been stress. I listen to you and David when I can sign on and go to all those great sermons on Faith Church site. I get something different and refreshing every time. I asked our pastor to get you guys as guest speakers here in Huntsville, AL but have no idea if it will happen. Sure wish I could because during the few weeks I spent in St Louis working there, I sure did enjoy my time at Faith Church.

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