Celebrate You!

I’m good at a few things. I’m good at CLEANING. Wow! That probably sounds useless, to most people. But to me, I LOVE it!

I’m good at ORGANIZING. You might not care, but it makes my heart happy. (I guess, I’m kinda like Monica from friends. lol)

I’m good at BARGAIN HUNTING and finding cute clothes on sale. I’m, also, good at making new people in a room feel comfortable and CONNECTED to other people.

We live in a society, today, that says it’s okay to talk about our deficiencies… but egotistical and rude to talk about our STRENGTHS!

We celebrate other people’s successes, all the time. But why don’t we celebrate OUR OWN?

The reason we get burned out is because we’re SO HARD on ourselves. “It’s okay… I can do without.”

But, sometimes you just need to eat the ice cream, get your toes done, and dance around the room because of something that YOU did!

HERE’S where we’re setting the culture. We need to start celebrating what WE DO… on the way to where we’re going!

I want to CELEBRATE with you. Let’s hear it!


Okay, so I started on me. But, what are you good at?

DO NOT click off this page until you share AT LEAST one thing. It’s okay to celebrate YOU!

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  1. Colleen Simon

    I am excellent at caring for my family, so I can help reduce mom and dads stress by getting the kiddos ready for school , cooking, the whole nine yards. Then I watch two other tiny humans during the day.

  2. Reesfaith

    I’ve been called a “cheerleader” , I like to make sure my friends are encouraged and hyped when we all get together lol. 😊

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