Celebrate You!

I’m good at a few things. I’m good at CLEANING. Wow! That probably sounds useless, to most people. But to me, I LOVE it!

I’m good at ORGANIZING. You might not care, but it makes my heart happy. (I guess, I’m kinda like Monica from friends. lol)

I’m good at BARGAIN HUNTING and finding cute clothes on sale. I’m, also, good at making new people in a room feel comfortable and CONNECTED to other people.

We live in a society, today, that says it’s okay to talk about our deficiencies… but egotistical and rude to talk about our STRENGTHS!

We celebrate other people’s successes, all the time. But why don’t we celebrate OUR OWN?

The reason we get burned out is because we’re SO HARD on ourselves. “It’s okay… I can do without.”

But, sometimes you just need to eat the ice cream, get your toes done, and dance around the room because of something that YOU did!

HERE’S where we’re setting the culture. We need to start celebrating what WE DO… on the way to where we’re going!

I want to CELEBRATE with you. Let’s hear it!


Okay, so I started on me. But, what are you good at?

DO NOT click off this page until you share AT LEAST one thing. It’s okay to celebrate YOU!

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  1. I am great at infusing my foreign language high school students with technology in the classroom. I love seeing their interaction and engagement with tools that enhance their learning! My school web site directs you to our interactive class notebook too!

  2. Colleen Simon

    I am excellent at caring for my family, so I can help reduce mom and dads stress by getting the kiddos ready for school , cooking, the whole nine yards. Then I watch two other tiny humans during the day.

  3. Sharon

    Your the second person this morning that has talked about this subject. I used to love volunteering but I had 5 surgeries in a short period of time that I lost my will to do anything. That was about 9 years ago. I haven’t drove in that amount of time either. It all happened 17 years ago when I had a surgery that went bad and wound up in a coma on life support. By all means everyone but God and my husband thought I wouldn’t make it. God has a purpose for me but I haven’t found it yet. I’ve had about 50 surgeries over the last 17 years. The tough ones are the 9 nose surgeries. The doctors could never get my nose right and now it’s deteriorating so much that it looks deformed. I have a tough time breathing. I will continue my search for God’s purpose for me until He calls me home.

  4. Reesfaith

    I’ve been called a “cheerleader” , I like to make sure my friends are encouraged and hyped when we all get together lol. 😊

  5. Diana Podoll

    Hello from Oregon, Pastor Nicole! So sorry we missed seeing you when we were in WPB in early-September for Hayden’s first birthday! What am I good at? I, too, love to clean, I’m really good at laundry — especially when it comes to getting stains out of clothes! I’m good at crocheting and sewing — I love to make things for people. I’m a good friend and I’m good at praying. I know I’m good at a lot of things and it took me a long time to see that in myself. You are so right when you said that we have no problem telling other people what they are good at, but not so much ourselves. As always, thank you for helping me “change the frame” and see myself the way God sees me! Love you Friend and pray for you and your wonderful family every day! God Bless you!
    – Di Podoll 🙂

  6. Kim Salmi

    I am good at caring about animals …..I unfortunately can’t have any of my own but I love signing petitions to help them be they domestic or wild .I care deeply about humans too of course but I do believe that the way we treat the creatures we share our world with reflects on how we treat each other.I prefer being part of the solution not the problem.

  7. Ericka miller

    Sales, writing, cooking. Use to race stock cars. I’m good at cleaning too def organization and labeling things I’ve also heard I should of gone to get a job as a masseuse.

    I’ma end with this my friends &
    Family have to me I’m really good at Praying. To me that sounds weird.. everyone prays what’s the stitch with me? LOL

  8. Marilyn

    I’m good at making others happy. I’m good at finding bargains and thrift shopping. I’m good at organizing and hosting parties and gathering. I’m good at decorating . I’m good at meeting new people, I have no problem in walking into a room full of strangers. I’m very good at listening to people and helping hem evaluate where they are and how to accomplish their goals. I’m er good at writing poems and short stories. I’m very good at acting on stage and off. I’m Good at thinking outside the box. I’m Very Good at Celebrating Life Each Day!

  9. Gen M.

    I’m good at giving advice and being nurturing. Even though I’m not a mother yet, many say I have a mothers instinct which I believe God has blessed me with.

  10. Thanks !
    I am so hard on myself as a nurse. I have done so well in many other disciplines. Now that I am working psychiatric I feel like I am a fish out of water. I am a good nurse. I celebrate the “Nurse that I am!” I good at that. God created me to be a nurse. I wanted to be a scientist. He changed that. I’m am blessed to have cared for so many of God’s people. To be able to love them as Christ has loved me. To be hard on them when they would notfight. Then praise them when they fight the good fight for their health! Loving it as Nur

  11. Veronica

    I’m good at strategy and finding unique solutions to hard problems. I’m also good at making people feel seen and loved. I’m a hard worker who isn’t too bad at singing either 😊

  12. Crystal

    I am good at caring for others. I have an amazing love for people who are less fortunate than me. I have incredible health and I thank God everyday for it. I lost a child 👶 few years ago and the Dr. told me “The reason your daughter lived as long as she did was because of the stellar care you gave her. I really commend you for your love and compassion you have for others.”

  13. Lisa

    Thank you! I sat crying this morning for feeling exactly what you described. Why do we feel guilty for taking the time to take care of ourselves? Who else will if we don’t? I am a good listener and planner.

  14. Deborah Hawkins

    I also am a cheerleader to those around me
    Due to listening to your 20 minutes of declarations each day … keeps me walking
    In truth and encouragement for myself and
    Others THANK YOU SO much I downloaded
    Then like a year ago… life changing 💕

  15. Melanie

    Hey Pastor Nicole:

    I’m pretty good at bargain buying too. (I can really clean-up at the Dollar store!) But my favorite strength is that I have “genuine concern” for others – I mean I really do care about what’s happening with them and how they’re doing. i also have a gift for creative writing and have used it in various jobs and ministry. My vision board is filled with things I am creating and hope to someday present some of those ideas for Faith Church. (I signed up for the Creativity Team, but no one has contacted me yet!)
    Love your blog – Thank You!

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