No Pain – No Gain!

I have to say, getting a massage is my absolute FAVORITE thing on the planet!

But, I’m not gonna pay somebody just to put lotion on me. You gotta put some elbow in it! Push HARDER! Get rid of those knots.

This isn’t a spa day, this is my therapy! And it’s so much better with PRESSURE!


Stress-filled situations can make us feel like we’re being crushed under the weight. But, the “press” is a place where the very best gets SQUEEZED out of us!

Don’t always be so focused on getting OUT of the difficult circumstance, that you don’t get anything out of it. It might hurt a little bit, but the benefits are phenomenal!

When Jesus was on the cross under unimaginable pressure, He felt the furthest from God when, actually, He was the CLOSEST to accomplishing God’s purpose.

God isn’t letting us down. He hasn’t forsaken us. He’s setting us up for something that’s way beyond our ability to even understand, at this moment.


In the present, the pressure might be a little painful, especially to our pride. But, if you want to know where God wants to use you… look INTO your pain.

We all have the ability to help others in some of the same places where we’ve been hurt!

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is OPTIONAL. And in the end, God will work it all together for our good!


Have you experienced PAIN in your life? Show me a raised hand. How could you help someone going through the same thing?

9 Responses

  1. Donna

    This is powerful
    The pain of my daughter being medically kidnapped and suffering under them has been the most horrific experience anyone should have to endure
    I asked God in prayer everyday how to be used in this
    In leading me I’ve begun a process of starting a healing bed collection scripture bedding to help people in holding fast to their faith for their healing
    Called “Faith At Rest”
    God has helped me in the healing process by keeping my focus on His word and believing for His hand for our miracle
    While I stand on His word and help other people believe Him in their difficult situations

    I am so strengthened by you and your husbands ministry and the way you bring the word forth

    Blessings to you today

    1 Peter 2:24
    Healing Always Comes


  2. Mercedes Robles

    the pain I experiencing is on my knees please keep me in prayer. I need total healing heart, mind, and soul God bless you always.

  3. Donnise Davis

    I just left the glisten conference in mcd. Ga. Thank you for coming down south to sit in our uncomfortable chairs. It was a blessing to hear your word tonight! I’ve experienced soooo much pain in my life and have always found my way back to God. Thank you for sharing your story! You’re an amazing Woman of God.

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