Let’s Do It Again!

The other morning, my husband looked at me and I looked back at him and said, “Get back in bed, honey. Let’s do it again!”

Now, before your mind gets in the gutter, let’s talk about what REALLY happened.


You see, most people think that relationships happen the way they do in the movies. (On the horizon, the sun is setting, the couple kisses as a romantic theme song begins to play.) Uhhh…not quite!

We may have preconceived notions about how we think our relationships should be.
But, when I looked at David and said that… we weren’t having a romantic moment, at all. His hip had come out of the socket and he was in excruciating PAIN!

I’m not a chiropractor, so I relying on him to tell me what to do to help get him out of pain. I was listening closely to him guide me as I gently rotated his leg around and tried to pop it back in place.

I was just doing my best to help my husband, without hurting him. Marriage is about being there and comforting each other’s pain.

When your significant other needs you, that’s not the time to get selfish. That’s the time to look them squarely in the eyes and assure them that, for better or worse, you’re TRULY there to help.
“Come on, honey. It’s gonna be alright. Get back in bed. Let’s do it AGAIN!”
Do you want to take good care of your significant other? Say “YES” if your ready for an even better relationship!

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  1. Hani rahimi

    Well said, thank you for sharing. It’s about making sure what I can do so that it will be easier for my wife in every aspect.
    God Bless You and your husband

  2. Sylvia Zamora

    I loved this message. Marriage is certainly work. I have been facing health issues for a few years now. My husband has seen me at my worst and can look at me and tell me I’m beautiful. I say YES!

  3. Karen Lawson

    Hi Nicole! You probably already know this tip but what might help Pastor David is when he sleeps to put a pillow between his legs top and bottom; it can really help with hip pain. It helps me get mine back into alignment. After I’ve slept like this a bit. I throw my leg out and I hear a few clicks and it brings me some relief. Hope this helps.

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