Fix Your Face

Victoria Clemens is five-foot-NOTHING and weighs less than a hundred pounds. She’s a striking woman who looks a lot like Halle Berry and is married to our Pastor Phil.

He’s a tall, strong, Bible-quotin’ man of the house! (Forgive me… I’m gonna tell on him!) Because, most of the time, he will NOT correct his own children!

He leaves that job to Victoria. But, she’s really too small to have to deal with their boys, PJ and Brandon.

(They call them PJ and B. I think they should’ve been PB and J. It would have made so much more sense! LOL)

So, when Victoria corrects PJ and B, they sometimes get those long faces. If that happens, she’s having NONE OF THAT!

She looks them right in the eyes and says these three little words. “FIX…YOUR…FACE!”

The Bible says we should put on the garments of praise. But, a lot of the time we don’t, particularly, feel like being happy and praising God. It’s then, that we have to PUT IT ON.

Translation: We have to FAKE IT ‘til we MAKE IT!

Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world. The Spirit of God on the inside of us is trying to work its way to the outside!

In the meantime, we should all take Victoria’s great advice and just make an effort to FIX OUR FACES!


Do you have a family member that reacts badly to being corrected or proven wrong? Is it kind of funny? Please share!

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  1. john eskew jr

    yes my daughter elicia when she was young she came out ok when we were married we had seven kids five girls and two boys that was a lot ov fun and they are all friends

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