For All My  Fishy Friends

When Ashtyn was four years old, she had a big, blue Siamese betta fish named, “Cinderella”. We never made any money off of that fish, and she certainly never helped us pay for her special fish food or any of our taxes.

We would never look to a FISH to solve any of our financial problems. That’s probably the LAST PLACE we’d look!

But sometimes, we feel like we need money. We would give more, do more, help more, start that business…IF ONLY we had more money!

God wants us to keep our EYES OPEN and our expectations HIGH. Allow Him to do our financial miracle any way He wants to!

That’s why, when Peter needed money, Jesus caused a fish to RISE UP and provide the coin for the taxes. (Mathew 17:27)

Haters might say, that it’s TOO MATERIALISTIC for us to expect an increase in our own personal finances.

PROBLEM SOLVED. Just give it away. Help OTHER people!

  • Build houses!
  • Buy meals for the hungry!
  • Dig wells!
  • Start churches!
  • Send missionaries into all the world to preach the gospel!!!

The fact is, we CAN’T HELP people with money we don’t have. We need to believe that God will send money TO us because He knows He can get it THROUGH us.

If God caused a fish to RISE UP, then God will cause us to RISE UP to new places in our finances, our relationships, our careers, our peace and in our happiness!

God has NO LIMITS!

Believe THAT…my fishy friends!


What are you believing that God will do in your financial future? Have you taken the limits off?


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