God Has MORE for Your Life!

Do you feel trapped in GOOD ENOUGH? Doing what it takes to get by but there is a Voice that says, “There is MORE!” It’s the Spirit of God. “I’m calling you out. I want to take you into the deep.”

If we get trapped in the land of good…we can get complacent and never stretch for the BETTER!

Booker T. Washington said, “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” Sometimes we feel that we are special because what we do is comment. God did not create anything common. He created you to do everything in a unique and uncommon way!

But I promise it’s gonna be WORTH IT! It would EXPLODE your brain if you knew everything God wanted to do for you!

As The King’s kids, WE’RE CALLED to be the best. Do you want to get the BEST out of life, not just good enough?

Take a moment to take what’s good enough and just #bestit

Take something common and go the extra mile and make it uncommon, unusual, and noteworthy!

Give that apology you don’t have to give. Buy the Starbucks coffee for the person at the office that’s been driving you crazy. Have faith for one more day then you really wanted to. Take the mic and drop it right on the devil’s head! BOOM!!!

Just DO it!

Take that good thing and BEST IT…and watch what God can do through you!

Continue reading The Best Version of Me on page 21 of “Hi God, It’s Me Again”.

Is there some area of your life that you wish you could do BETTER? Would you tell us about it?

3 Responses

  1. Marinda Ferrell

    Today, I needed to hear the words of wisdom from God. Thank you Lord for sending your words to me. God bless my pastors David and Nicole Crank.

  2. Susan J Conner

    Yes, I’m unable to drive currently. It makes it tough to get to Faith church functions at the West Palm, Fl. campus.
    I am striving to do God’s will in my life, it is a struggle when I can’t make it there.
    I do get discouraged, but I’m not giving up!
    I know God has bigger plans for my life!
    I need to figure out what those plans entail.😎💜

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