The Jesus in Your Life!

One time, David and I were driving by a restaurant, when we saw all these guys on motorcycles, popping wheelies across the parking lot.

It looked really COOL! My husband loves anything with a motor, so we had to stop and check it out.

But, the instant we pulled in the parking lot, these motorcycle guys came RIGHT UP ON US, all at the same time and completely surrounded our car!

The smoke was so thick that we couldn’t even see. They were screaming at us and yelling obscenities. The situation went from BAD to WORSE, in an instant!

Oh my gosh! This is EVIL! How do we get out of here?

We tried inching our car forward, little by little until, finally, we were able to get away. Then we got out of there as fast as we could!

What in the world happened? We didn’t DO or SAY anything! In fact, we had our windows up and never got out of the car.

Later, God revealed to us, that the DARKNESS that was in those guys couldn’t stay where LIGHT was. So, darkness had two choices: push the light out or be eradicated.

When we see trouble in our own lives, sometimes we think there must be something wrong with US.

But, trouble comes to us whenever the enemy recognizes that BRIGHT LIGHT shining on the inside of us.

It’s NOT YOU they don’t like…it’s just the JESUS IN YOU!


Have you ever encountered a situation that just seemed EVIL? Tell us what happened.

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