I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.

I’m in the grocery store and I run into someone in the frozen foods section that starts talking to me like we’re long-lost friends. WHO is this??? 

Then it hits me! Oh yeah, I remember you!

The change in venue messed me up. This is a mom from school, a friend from church, or an association through work.

It just didn’t click in my mind because, in these surroundings, they seemed so out of context. They were unrecognizable to me.

It makes me wonder. How many times a day does Jesus move in and out of our lives, doing some of His greatest works for us…and we don’t even recognize Him.

It LOOKS like the doctors gave us a clean report. It SEEMS like the boss finally gave us that raise. We take credit for that award because WE earned it, when really it was the Grace of God…AGAIN!

We have to be careful not to OVERLOOK all that God has done for us. When Jesus hung on the cross:

        The flesh on His back had been shredded.

        His body had been beaten and bruised.

        His beard had been pulled out in clumps.

        His side was pierced by the point of a spear.

        Blood streamed down His face from His crown of thorns.

How could a man in this condition possibly save us?

He looked absolutely helpless and totally UNRECOGNIZABLE. But in truth…. He was the Son of God!



God is really interested in the details of your life. Can you name some of the little things He’s done for you, lately?


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  1. Pam Ryan

    This was beautiful!! I repeated it all with you and feel so good inside!! Refreshed!
    Thank you for all you give, may God continue to bless you mightily!!

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