Proclaiming Liberty

I remember God telling us to go to Cuba; a Communist country without a SINGLE Christian bookstore and embargoes that prevent ANY American religious materials from coming in.

I’m always up for a challenge! Especially when it’s GOD DIRECTED!

So, last year, when my “Hi God” Devotional, “Hola Dios”, was released in Spanish; David and I were privileged to visit Cuba and distribute thousands of free copies of my book.

The extreme poverty and religious suppression were indescribable! But the people there were so welcoming! They were positively joyous, grateful, and HUNGRY for the Word of God!

In America, we have SO MUCH liberty and freedom to live and worship as we wish. Sometimes, we forget that it’s the result of tremendous sacrifices made by countless brave Americans who came before us.

But sadly, there are still many places in the world where you can be executed or imprisoned for just owning a copy of the Bible or attending a church service.

Maybe today, you FEEL like you’re in prison:

  • An abusive situation.
  • A manipulative boss.
  • A prison of overwhelming debt.
  • An addiction that has you bound.
  • Or maybe you are incarcerated.

I want you to know, there is freedom IN CHRIST!

Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim LIBERTY to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.

Liberty is free…. but it’s NEVER cheap! It was purchased FOR US by the precious blood of Jesus Christ!

Happy Independence Day!


“So if the Son sets you free,

you are truly free.” John 8:36 (NLT)


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  1. Marianne R. Showalter

    Good Morning Pastor Nicole. Happy 4th of July. This day has a much different meaning for me because it was my mother’s birthday. She join the the Heavenly choir 43 years ago I was only 25 when I lost both my parents within six months. Leaving 8 of us children to go on with just each other. Life was great at first then it got rocky. Six out of eight of us are now cancer survivors. Praise Jeasus. Cancer is what brought me to Faith church with Pastor Dave laying his hands on my throat in the back of church at Larkin Williams Rd.
    I lost my first brother a week before this last Christmas. God called him as he laid peacefully in his sleep. He was our oldest of the family.
    Today and most holidays sadden me. Both my sons wives are not fond of me at all. As I spend holidays alone. I guess with one wife I am confused as she attends Faith church an I don’t understand how with hearing you and Pastor Dave preach the word she treats me as she does and keeps me away from her home. It makes it hard on my son I know. My granddaughter is now 19 and we meet for lunches. But my grandson I’d 13 and it is difficult seeing him. He just now started understanding and believeing in God and now attends church . My two boys really don’t talk and theirs don’t either.
    As I sit here this Holiday please pray for this family who’s is so broken, that we find our way together again. My other son does not attend church and he seeing how my other son and wife act doesn’t understand what church has done for them. I pray daily for my family. Pastor Phil and Susie. Beautiful Susi prays daily as well.
    I have handed this over to God and I know at times we are impatient but I miss us all being together. That’s why I asked if you had an apartment for rent. It gets lonely until I turn on my dvds of the Bible .
    With you and Pastor Dave grieve the loss of our brother today and his family. But God has bigger and better things for him.
    God Bless you and your family today and thank you so much for what you do for me and so many people everywhere.

  2. Gayle D'Addario

    Pastor Nicole……………….I have never and will never take for granted having the God-given gift of being
    an American. I always remind everyone I know or meet that we are SO BLESSED AND FORTUNATE
    to be living in the only truly free country in the world. Where else can people express opinions as
    so many in this country do.

    I am very thankful for being born in this country.

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