The “Ups” and “Downs” of Forgiving

Just recently, I had to forgive my family for something that they didn’t even KNOW they did!

We were in a hotel elevator, the kind where you have to insert your keycard in order to go up to your room.

David had a keycard, Ashtyn had a keycard, and I had all these bags! The door opened on our floor, I turned around to grab the bags, they both got off the elevator, I turned back around, and the doors closed, right in my face.

YIKES! I’m trapped in the elevator!

I’m thinking…no problem! My family is gonna hit the button when they realize I’m not there, and we’re all gonna have a good laugh! I’m just gonna stay on the elevator.


Now, the only place I CAN go is back down to the lobby. I don’t have my ID because my daughter has my purse. So, I have to convince the desk clerk who I am and to give me another keycard for the elevator.

That temporary card doesn’t work in the room door, so I start knocking. But, NOBODY’S answering the door!

By now, I’m TIRED! I’m AGGRAVATED! I’m FRUSTRATED! I AM LIVID with my family!!!

FINALLY, David opened the door. He says, “Oh, I thought you were in Ashtyn’s room. Ashtyn probably thought you were in our room.”

The crux of that story is this.

I ALLOWED myself to be hurt and offended by someone who didn’t even know they had hurt or offended me. I turned an ACCIDENT into an INCIDENT.

We do this so many times in life and love. We operate from a place of hurt instead of a place of power.

Don’t let the enemy, the inner-me or your past experiences steal the joy of today. What’s something that you can forgive someone else for (or maybe even forgive yourself for) that wasn’t an incident – it was an accident?

Don’t let your joy get accidentally taken away!

Right now, write down FIVE PEOPLE that you need to forgive, and ask God for help. Will you give it a try?

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