God Is Not Spiderman

God Is Not Spiderman!

When my son, Austin, was 16 years old, he fell asleep at the wheel and had a HORRIBLE accident. His car flipped over 6 or 7 times, crashed into a rock bluff and hit a big tree!


(Not the kind of call you want to get in the middle of church, early on Sunday morning.)

Amazingly, the doctors couldn’t find ANYTHING wrong with him, so they let him go. His grandparents took him back to his totaled car to retrieve one of his new flip-flops that had come off during the confusion.

The front of his little car was entirely smashed into the driver’s seat where he had been sitting. When Austin tried to reach down by the pedals to grab the shoe, his arm wouldn’t even fit through that space!
Austin is a tall, athletic 6 ft. 4 in. kind of guy. WHY were his legs not utterly crushed?

We’ve all seen the movies where the SUPERHERO swoops down and saves the day, and then never comes back.
So, we’ve kind of been trained to think about God that way.
But, God is not Spiderman!

He doesn’t show up just ONCE in our lives to save us, then disappear into the fog, forever. God is GOD 24/7. He’s ALWAYS there for us and His grace is sufficient.

What does that mean?

That means, His FAVOR is more than enough for any situation, past, present or future. Grace is not a onetime deal. (I used it back then…so I guess I’m all out.)

No! God was with Austin way before the accident. God was protecting him as his car rolled over and over.
And God is continually watching over him (and the rest of us) EVERY day!

We can, confidently, go from grace to grace and victory to victory, always reminding ourselves of how GOOD God has been to us!

Tell us about a time in your life when God showed up and rescued you! You can share a comment, below.

Soon after we released the “Hi God It’s Me Again” Devotional, people started coming up to me, asking for more. So I just finished writing a companion “Hi God, It’s Me Again – Journal & Study Guide” to compliment the book.

I invite you, to go further in-depth with each topic by filling out your own personal responses to the questions I ask. Also, I’ve allowed plenty of space for more of your thoughts and prayers you’d like to leave with God.

We’re expecting these “Journals & Study Guides” to arrive in the coming weeks.

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  1. Luke 8:23


    There are so many! Here is one example similar to your’s.

    Our daughter Danielle was on the highway headed to Mizzou, driving in a light rain. The “Kiddo” lost control when a car suddenly cut in front of her at an entrance ramp.

    After the accident, she called us in a panick. “Dad, the car is really a mess, I don’t think I can drive it.” “Are you okay Kiddo?” I asked. “Yes. I had my seat belt on, I broke a fingernail is all.” She replied.
    “Well then Kiddo, how bad can it be?”
    When I spoke to the tow truck driver, he told me the car was totaled. He said her car had rolled over several times and he was amazed that anyone came out alive. An answer to prayer. God is good indeed.

  2. Arlene

    I had a head on collision with the Chief of Police in St. Maarten. I was going north and he was going south and he lost control of his car and ran into my car, his car spun around and was facing the same direction I was going and his wife was thrown out of the car. (She had a lot of broken bones but survived) The windshield of my car was totally shattered, I had no cuts, no injuries and I was not wearing my seat belt. I was in God’s hands. It was not my time. That was over 20 years ago. Amen

  3. Marinda Ferrell

    Years ago when our twins were 6 months old on a summer night; we were all asleep, I felt a gentle touch. The house was filling up with smoke from the fan left on all night to keep us cool. The wires were on fire and I woke up my family and we made it to safety. The only damage was to the fan and some charring around the outlet where the fan was plugged into it. I looked at my spouse and told him it’s good your hand felled on my arm. He said “I never touched you” I knew it was the hand of the Lord since it wasn’t Charles. Praises went up because we would have been called out of this world.

  4. bob

    Not a member of your congregation, but in 1969, while serving in Vietnam as a Marine Corps infantryman, I stepped on a mine and it exploded on my right side. I should have been killed, if not more severely wounded more then I was. At the time that I stepped on the mine, I was carrying a box of supplies on my right shoulder. The box absorbed a great deal of shrapnel that was intended for my head.

    I spent the next seen months in hospitals recovering from my wounds, and another year in rehab learning to walk again.

    If not by the grace of God, I would not, to this day, be able to relate this story to you.

  5. Theresa

    My 10 year old son was riding his bike and lost control and hit a car. His skull was fractured a good 6 inches down to his spine. He went home the following day to rest and recover. He had no paralysis. God protected his very life.

  6. Vern Bilbrey

    Knowing something was wrong put off going to the doctor because I didn’t want to spoil a planned family vacation to Disney World. Upon return I went to the doctor and was told I should have a heart catherazation test. The day of the test I was 59. My dad died at 60, my older brother at 59, and my younger brother at 59. I was told I was a walking time bomb and would under go quintuple bypass surgery as soon as a team could be assembled. God had plans for me as 15 years later I am blessed to still be here with my family and all the joys my grandchildren have given me. God is amazing.

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