We Don’t Talk Anymore!

The other day, I was meeting with a new church vendor and giving her a tour of our facilities. As we passed by the bookstore, I mentioned I had written a devotional and wanted her to have a copy.

She flipped it open, read a few sentences and then, immediately, slammed it shut. Tears welled up in her eyes as she told me, “That was ME, just this morning!”

Wow! That made my whole day! That’s exactly why I wrote the book; to show people that God really DOES want to talk with us, and it can be as easy as spending a few minutes a day in casual conversation.

Have you noticed, these days, that we’re spending more time and energy trying to AVOID interacting with real people?

  • We text or post pictures for our family members, instead of calling.
  • We bank, fill prescriptions and order food, right from our smartphones.
  • We shop for everything online, have it dropped on our doorstep and NEVER speak to an actual clerk.
  • We follow other people’s lives on Twitter and go to chat rooms or dating websites in order to meet people.
  • We even wish our friends and family members “Happy Birthday” on Facebook, but never bother to call or send a card.

We just don’t TALK much anymore! And our poor communication skills are breaking up relationships and costing us time and money in the workplace. It seems, we’re all becoming “socially awkward”.

But, think about it.

If we’re THAT intimidated by the idea of talking to each other; how hard it must be to imagine ourselves talking with GOD!

Don’t forget, He LOVES us! We just need to start the conversation.

“Hi God…it’s ME again!”

Is there anyone in your life that you wish you could talk to more? You can share your thoughts, below.

If you can make it to West Palm Beach at 7:30 this Friday Night, October 20th, for the “Aloha” Girls Night Out Party, I’m planning on sharing much more!

Don’t miss out on the FUN! We had a record-breaking event last week in St. Louis, and we’re just getting warmed up! Invite all your girlfriends. All the music, entertainment, activities and food is absolutely FREE!

I’d love to meet you afterwards, give you a big hug, take a quick pic and sign your “Hi God” book for you. See you Friday!

For more event details, visit www.iamwoman.tv

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  1. Phoebe N Anthony

    I wish I could talk to my family more. My siblings.aunts.uncles.cousins as well as friends.

    I’m going to make a pledge to call at least 3 of my love ones each week no exceptions or excuses.life is short a phone call could possibly change someone’s life.

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