Gotta Let Go!

When my ex-husband left me, it REALLY hurt! It wasn’t even for another woman, he left me for drugs!

How do you compete with a drug?

I couldn’t figure it out. But now, 20 years later, I know. I wasn’t supposed to compete with the drugs…I was supposed to LET HIM GO!

Sometimes, we’re so busy holding on to the WRONG thing that our arms are not available to catch the blessing that God’s trying to give us.

I was trying to hold on to a man who didn’t want me. And all the time, God had my husband, David, in a holding pattern just waiting for me to get my act together and LET GO!

I don’t care if your spouse LEFT you, your mama ABANDONED you, or your daddy WALKED OUT before you were even born!

We NEVER have to beg somebody who’s walked away from us to come back and love us. If they exit our lives, our job in Christ is to just love them and let them go!

If they had belonged with us, they would have remained with us. So, their part in our destiny must be OVER!

Do you feel like you’re going in circles?

“God, why won’t you send me the mate I’m looking for? Why won’t you send me the job I want? Why won’t you send me the clients I need?”

God’s TRYING to move, but we’re too busy holding on to all that old stuff!

Make way for God’s BLESSING! Baby… you gotta LET GO!


Is there something or someone in your past that you’re still clinging to? Say “YES” and agree to LET IT GO, today!

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  1. Jamie Klotz

    This is definitely easier said than done. My husband left me, walked out, decided he was just done, despite our pastor telling him he was blatantly defying the word of God. But we’d been married just over 20 years! We have 6 kids. Divorce was final about 7 months ago. I was with him from age 17 to almost 40! Trying to discover who I am now and that’s hard!


    Yes! Thank you for a that. I needed that this morning. I love to read your stories. You are an amazing woman Nicole.
    I’m on a journey of letting go. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we need to give up. It’s a question that’s worth asking . God is ready to answer us! We just need the words to come out of our mouths.

  3. Becca Starrett

    This was exactly what I needed to hear today! I’m in the process of letting go of someone right now. It’s so hard to let go of what’s comfortable but I want to trust God with it even though every ounce of me wants to keep holding on. I know God is better, but please pray that I will be able to trust him beyond what I can see.

  4. Julie W

    I am the mother that abandoned her children for drugs for a year out of their lives; I had a roller coaster life with drugs all their lives. I provided essentials; home food most of the time and clothing. I didn’t know how to be mother! I beat myself up for years; my relationship with Christ 4.5 years ago has saved me. God used the two i hurt most to call on Him for help! Now I pray for my 30 year old baby girl for healing of the past so she may have a safe relationship with me without the hatred of the past or to let me go!

  5. Veronica Torres

    Yes, I am ready to let go. But its hard when that person left, he not only left me but his daughter behind!
    He took his own life and its something that is hard to understand. Praying that we will get to see him again. That the lord will forgive him.

  6. Mary Ngaruma

    Thank you, l really pray to be a good steward with money. I use it very badly until l am unable to pay my tithes and offerings. Please pray for me.


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