The Power of Words

Back when David and I were dating, we took a trip with his mom and dad to Tulsa. I stayed with his mom and he stayed with his dad in the hotel.

We were together ALL DAY and having so much fun! We would hang out in the lobby until it was late. We just didn’t want to go home!

At the airport, we said, “We want to go ANYWHERE but home!” 

His dad said, “Really?  Is that what you want? (His dad knew the power of words.)

About that time, a voice came on the overhead speaker and announced that our flight to St. Louis was overbooked. They needed two people to volunteer to take a $300 voucher and be rerouted through Kansas City.

We were already at the front desk!

We were happy as two clams to have the extra time together! We had a layover in Kansas City, ate some barbecue, and didn’t get to St. Louis until midnight. His daddy was there to pick us up.

He said, “Isn’t it funny how you just said that…and you got it?” We agreed, “Yes God is SO good!”

He said, “Yeah, but instead of saying ‘anywhere’… don’t you wish you’d said ARUBA?”

When we speak “sweet water” out of our mouths, we shouldn’t be worried about adding TOO MUCH sweetness.

Don’t wonder if God will be able to keep up with your prayer! Don’t be concerned that you’ve asked for TOO MUCH joy! Don’t be worried whether God can give you MORE hope!

Go ahead and challenge God and see if He’s not bigger than you think He is! See if God can’t just take you at your word, and then… BEST IT!


Have you ever been in a situation where God delivered MORE that you could’ve ever imagined? God is SO Good! Tell me if you agree!


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  1. Arletts Stephenson

    My 33 year old called me this morning. He has been homeless.
    His family have an apartment all set up. No security deposit , Its beautiful.
    I reminded my son God is a good God. Praise him all day.
    I love when it is so evident. I now pray God will provide.

  2. Suzan

    Thank you for The Power of Words this morning and yes it just happened to me. I recently moved into a new home, everything I thought about and wanted in my new home, the Lord has given me plus more….overwhelmed and so grateful . Happy tears !!!
    I am 62 and live with my Autisic 35 years old son. God has taken us out of hustle and bustle, placed us in calm and peaceful. Thank you for coming to my email, God always sends your messages to me at the right time♡♡♡♡♡♡
    God Bless You Nicole !

  3. Marian

    I am believing God will change the man I love and use our story to bring many to his kingdom but some days I wonder how because the odds are against me.
    Today,I choose to decree and declare that the will of God will be done

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