Back when I was a kid, my parents used to take us camping. Not that it was our vacation of choice…but it was the vacation we could AFFORD.

When I grew up, I decided to take my kid camping.

When Austin was five years old, all our neighbors decided to go camping, together. So, I bought a tent from Walmart, sleeping bags and a Coleman cooler.

We headed out to the country and were the first ones to get to the campground. I was SO PLEASED with our one-room tent and our cute little campsite. It was just adorable!

I really felt special… UNTIL everyone else showed up!

You see, my neighbors camped regularly and they really KNEW what they were doing!

  • Their huge tent had wings that popped out to form separate bedrooms on either side.
  • They brought chairs and made the center section of the tent into a living room!
  • They set up poles in the front and surrounded their table and chairs with screened walls, creating a dining room!
  • They had twinkle lights, Coleman lanterns, and these big forks for making s’mores!

It’s funny, I was totally happy with what I had… until I saw what somebody else had!

That’s what happens to a lot of us. When we get the new job, we’re SO EXCITED until we find out that Bob makes 10 cents an hour more than we do!

Now, we’re grumbling and dissatisfied with the VERY THING we were content with a minute before!

We have to stop comparing our lives to others because COMPARISON is the CONTENTMENT KILLER!

Be happy that you woke up, have two good legs,

a home and a family. Be CONTENT that you can worship freely! Jesus died so that we might ENJOY our lives!


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