Close Encounters of the God Kind

It’s funny that, before I ever met David, he used to hang out at some of the SAME places I did. In fact, he and his dad used to eat at this little Italian restaurant where I worked.

I PROBABLY waited on them! (That’s kind of bizarre!)

We, both, used to go to the same 7-Eleven in town, stand at the same little machine and squirt liquid chili and cheese all over our NACHO CHIPS. (That’s uncanny!)

One of my friends from high school lived in a house on Orchard Street. I can remember spending the night there. A few years later, David BOUGHT my friend’s house. (That’s pretty weird!)

Talk about your CLOSE ENCOUNTERS!

In that small town, we were standing at the same nacho machine, he’s eating at the restaurant where I work, and I’m spending the night in the same house that he later buys. Why didn’t we hook up SOONER?

I really don’t think I was ready for him. I’m pretty sure, I would have scared that boy off!

God needed me to mellow out, to get my humility higher, to “up” my grace level so that I wouldn’t mess up the great relationship He had for me.

David didn’t know it, but he was supernaturally looking for me at the 7-Eleven, at the Italian restaurant, and when he bought that house.

I believe that God has people SEEKING you out, right now, for precious friendships and long-lasting relationships: for fun and love, for good times and laughs!

It’s not a coincidence. It’s not by accident. God has someone actively LOOKING FOR YOU, right now!

In fact, I bet your paths have already crossed!


If you’re believing God for a lasting relationship, show me a raised hand emoji and I will pray for you!

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  1. Elizabeth Elliott

    🙌🏾 I believe and receive that Pastor Nicole. In my Morning Devotion with Hi God, I reviewed some of the prayers I’ve prayed and today I was writing about this particular subject; Confirmation!! Please pray for and with me regarding this. I love you to Life; you and Pastoe David.

  2. Sherri Scheer

    Hi Nicole. Same happened with Chaz and I. I worked at the Vineyard church on Telegraph road for Pastor Randy Clark. Chaz lived in the apartments across the parking lot from the church. We would pass out flyers there. He said that he came in one time for a service(with another girl)….years later-when I got ready, calmed down and got my humility up-I was working for Donna, whom cut Chaz’s hair and went to church with him, introduced us. She said she was in church one day and she SAW Sherri and Chaz. We were married 10 months later. God connection!

  3. Shelley Kolweier

    🙌🏼 Yes I am ready and believing God will bring me another lasting relationship! My heart was broken when Roger passed and God fulfilled me thru these last 3 yrs. along with FCSTL family! God has been working on me and finding out who Shelley is now… I’m trusting in his timing and waiting for my Boaz! Moving from IL to MO in the next 8 weeks. Exciting new beginnings! Praying and believing God has my next lasting relationship lined up for me. In Jesus Name. Amen. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. Debra

    Amen! I just got single again and started a new life. Money is crazy squeaky tight right now, and I sure could use a better job. But I know God is good, and He is setting me up for success. I am ready when He is!
    God bless you and all you do! When you’re praying, please send some prayers on my behalf too. Thank you & God bless ~;)

  5. Youlonda

    🤗 I’m new at this trying desperately to believe in god and I’m looking for a loving lasting relationship not just with a man but with god too. Pray for me thank you

  6. Melissa Medina

    I have found mine. We met in 9th grade in theater class. 3 years old I moved back to the small town and started my senior year where I became unknown to me friends with his sister. Then we seen each other and it was love at first sight again. We then got married and had a child. Being young he wanted to date others and I willing stepped aside. This lasted 20 years. 20 years later I really needed a friend and who do I call, yep the love of my life. We ended back together 20 years later and now we are remarried working and building a stronger faith based relationship. Thank you for your stories.

  7. Karrie

    I’ve been praying for a longtime for a good guy to come into my life. I am hoping it happens sooner than later I’m not getting any younger lol.

  8. Shiloh

    My boyfriend wants to marry me, but he’s so worried that it might just be what he wants, and wants to make sure it’s 100% God’s will for us- which I love. But he’s decided not to see me or speak to me until he hears God in it. It’s been three weeks. We both serve the Lord, seek His will, serve in ministry, and our relationship is very fruitful for the kingdom. I believe with all of my heart this is God. Please pray with me that God will make His will clear to my boyfriend. I am fasting and praying, and trusting God will let him know soon.

    Thank you!

  9. 🙋‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙋‍♀️I am believing and waiting for long lasting relationship from GOD! PRAY that I am open and ready!
    Thank you so much …enjoy your articles always!

  10. Jeanne Moore (Jeanie)

    Dear Nicole,

    I truly believe everything you posted on being ready to meet your husband. I am having faith and trusting in God’s timing to bring me a husband. I am still single; I have not dated in can we say years. However, I am turning 60 on September 25th. I have been through a lot in my life. I know God was preparing me and healing me.
    I throughly enjoyed watching you at the women’s conference on Daystar. You are very inspirational.

    Abundant Blessings,

  11. Donna anderson

    My relationship with Christ is real and I only want what Gods very best for me , satan had tried to destroy me thru cat fishing this past month . Please pray for me 😀 Thanks for being here for me .

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