Paid in Full

One of my favorite restaurants in West Palm Beach is Benny’s on the Beach. You’ve GOT to go… especially in January!

The restaurant is on a long pier with tables on either side. We were sitting all the way at the end of the pier, enjoying our food and a fabulous ocean view. (We knew, this was going to cost us.)

When we finished, I asked the server if we could please have our check. She said, “Someone has already paid.”

I asked who it was because we wanted to thank them. She said, “They left. They go to your church, but they wanted to remain anonymous.”

You’ve got to be kidding me! When we walked to our table, we must have walked RIGHT PAST our blessing!

  • Are you in a relationship that you think is gonna cost you?
  • Are you at a job that you think is not going anywhere?
  • Are you someplace where your gifts and talents are not being recognized and you think this is gonna cost you?

You might be looking at your present situation and thinking it’s HOPELESS! This is going to cost me everything! But, God looks at your present and sees the potential to bless you!

Believe in God, even when the believing is HARD!

Jesus is risen from the dead! Your bill has been PAID IN FULL! Hope is alive… and it’s within you, right now, whether you recognize it or not!


Has God ever delivered you out of a costly situation? Show me a raised hand emoji if your answer is “YES”!

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  1. Uchenna

    Thanks Nicole this particularly ministers to me. I am in a dire situation now that only the grace of God can deliver me., i have implicit confidence that God will see me through..

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