High Season

Yesterday was totally different. Right? Today is not yesterday. It’s just NOT!

Even if yesterday was a really great day; I’m guessing, most of us are glad that yesterday is OVER.

This is a brand new DAY in a brand new SEASON! We can move forward, make progress and be optimistic about the future.

We don’t have to dismiss, dislike or discredit yesterday, in order for today to be BETTER.

God has called us from faith to FAITH, level to LEVEL and victory to VICTORY!

So even if yesterday was the best day you’ve ever had, I want you to know…you can go HIGHER, today!

The first thing we have to do, is get control over our thinking.

Our thoughts control the way we feel, and the way we feel controls what we SAY. We may have to circumvent our system and do a “mouth interrupt”.

So, if we’re thinking wrong thoughts, we can just say, “Help me, Jesus!”

Say it out loud. I can’t say it for you.

Say, “Help me, Jesus!” And He will.

Your mouth has to INTERRUPT your thoughts and invite Him into the situation, because the devil will try to mess with your emotions.

“Jesus, you made me a promise that today is the day of SALVATION!”

“I’m living happy, I’m living whole and I’m living in the breakthrough! This is my HIGH SEASON!”


Do you ever have to interrupt your own negative thoughts with positive words? What do you say? Please comment, below.

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  1. Cindy Blount

    A very good word Nicole We need to speak
    out loud against our negative feelings. Most of the time we speak based on how we feel but what if we feel oppositte of what our negative thinking is telling us. Our thoughts control our feelings. If I think I am sad then my feelings tell me to lower my head and cry but try smiling in your sadness or laughing instead of crying. What does God say about you? Our thoughts leads our feelings and our feelings lead our actions or behaviors and our actions lead our outcomes! So reverse it and imagine a positive outcome and less how you feel And then your thoughts will change! This first thing I do when I wake up is SMILE and it’s not based on a thought or feeling. It’s based on an outcome and then I work backwards.

  2. renee

    Philippians 4:8King James Version (KJV)
    8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Even if yesterday was not so good this is what we are told to do thanks for the encouraging Word in due season as usual!

  3. Sharon C+

    Growing up with a negative mom it’s so easy to slip back into that mode. I really have to work at being positive and seeing the good in me. To believe God loves me. I’m starting a Bible Study called “I AM LOVED”. I just love your devotionals. I have an appt. with Dr. Travis tomorrow in Rogers. I always check to see if you’re there. Have a great week. Sharon

  4. Jenifer

    when i experience negative thoughts about myself, i call myself to remember, “God is beyond the feelings and thoughts i am having right now. He is not embarrassed by them, He is not shocked or disappointed. He cares about me, and about what is said about me or said to me.Even the words i say to myself about myself. He desires to care for me, i want to give Him that chance. God i give you these emotions, these setbacks, the things that are beyond my understanding but not beyond your Sovereign Control. Give me Wisdom as I trust in You in this moment. You Love me, and i was worth every pain to i’m experiencing right now that you chose to take that pain so you can be closer to me to be my Healer, my Delieverer, my Saviour, my Everlasting and unfailing love. You are more, and yet, you are enough, I let this go so you can take hold of me. Amen.

  5. Michelle

    Yes I do more than I’d like to admit. I usually say Jesus help me! Or when I’m feeling really strong (haha) I say I take captive every thought that is not like God at this very moment and cast it down in the name of Jesus! I ask God to pour down thoughts of love and Faith and peace from heaven! It really gets me refocused on God and His promises for my life!

  6. Angie

    When you feel disappointed because of to person who disappointed you that was how my day started off please help me to control how and what I say

  7. Arletta

    When negative thoughts toward certain people come. I am reminded God will work it all out. Change my words Continue to be thankful. I am reminded God has brought me so far.
    Praise the Lord !

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