Higher Expectations

When I was in 4th grade, I remember having to wear glasses. If I wasn’t close enough to the front of the classroom, I couldn’t even read the words on the chalkboard.

Later, when I was old enough to drive, I had trouble recognizing street signs from a distance.
In fact, I wore contacts and glasses until I was in my 20’s.

Over time, the contacts starting irritating my eyes and causing me problems. I HATED wearing glasses! I thought they were ugly and I didn’t think I looked very good.

(Who knew? Today they’d be considered so cool!)

So, I prayed to God about my eyes. I told Him, “I don’t want to wear glasses. God HELP me!”

I thought I was asking Him to heal my eyes so that I could switch back to wearing the contacts. (Isn’t it amazing, how LOW our expectations of God are?)

But when I went back to the optometrist, he said, “Who told you that you needed glasses? Your vision is 20/20!”

Why are we so hesitant to ask God for help in our day-to-day living?

From His perspective, He’s already seen everything that HAS or EVER WILL happen to us. He sees the beginning from the end.

His thoughts are WAY HIGHER than our thoughts, so we can depend, entirely, on Him for everything!
No matter how many years we’ve spent “seeing through a glass darkly”, God has ways of clearing up our vision!
For further study, take a look at “In Need of Wisdom” on page 229 of my devotional, “Hi God (It’s Me Again). Available on Amazon.com & HiGodBook.com

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  1. vickie stout

    Nicole, this was beautiful. I printed it ou)t and gave it to my daughter( the pregnant one I told you about). I told her you were praying for her! Your blog reminds me of an awesome CD by Lauren Daigle, “How can it be” and one of her songs talks about there is not a situation we will go through that God has not already been there first!

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