Where Are You Going?

My husband, David, is kind of a “free spirit”. He loves to go out for a walk, or for a quick ride on his motorcycle, to clear his head. Most of the time, he doesn’t even tell me when he’s leaving. He just takes off!

But, I have to admit that I have “issues”. (I know it’s my problem.) I just like to know WHERE people are going…and when they’ll be BACK!

You see, my first husband abused alcohol and drugs. (And me.) So, he would tell me that he was running to the store to get milk, and then just disappear for several days.

Just leave me! Not even a phone call! Does anyone else, besides me, have that fear of abandonment?
I want you to know, God will NEVER abandon us!

In fact, He’s always giving us specific instructions and inspiration about where He wants us to go.

But, like Jonah, we sometimes “arise and go” our own way, headed off in the WRONG direction.

Motivation without NAVIGATION leads to obliteration!
God will, not only, tell us TO go! He will tell us WHERE to go! If we head down the RIGHT road;

  • We’ll avoid that crippling debt.
  • We’ll bypass that dead-end job.
  • We’ll skip the major health problems.

We won’t marry the wrong person and waste a big portion of our lives.

Our DESTINY is much bigger than we think!

Our faith doesn’t even begin until OUR OWN ability ends. It’s then, that we can rely on God to CORRECT

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  1. Susan

    Pastor Nicole, your words of wisdom this morning have averted a mistake in my life. My history is to rely on my own way of figuring out a solution to any problem that I face ( by which my own choices created ) even though I have daily prayer for direction and God’s perfect plan for me, my children, my grandchildren’s lives. I will find myself almost going back to a situation that I deeply know is not the right solution instead of continuing to trust my Heavenly Father. When you speak of your husband being kind of a ” free spirit ” , I too struggle with that inside me. But since I am alone, it’s God that I don’t keep informed. This temporary path you averted me from, today, would have only been a temporary solution that truly my heart would not be in. You and Pastor David are a blessing to me always.

    1. Nicole Crank

      Susan, sometimes it is easier to do what we think is right and not take the time to Ask God what direction we should be going! He will guide us if we give Him a chance.

  2. Marinda

    Thank you for asking an excellent question. This morning I was asking myself the same question. I don’t have the answer but I do know Jesus holds the answer. My faith and trust is in him and he will take me to the answer.

  3. Lynda Spreitzer

    A long time ago I heard the the words “Let go and let God.” I live by those words today.
    As I was unpacking today I found a journal from 1986. We share a similar path. God has giving me many blessing. I no longer live in fear.

  4. Teena

    One of the most precious God-promise to me AMPLIFIED is Hebrews 13:5…being content with what you have; for He has said, “I will never under any circumstances desert you nor give you up nor leave you without support, nor will I in any degree leave you helpless, nor will I forsake or let you down or relax My hold on you assuredly not!”
    I used to want my abusive, drug selling/taking, adulterous, abandoning husband to NEVER come back but he did and got saved.

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