Hope is Alive!  

The Monday after Easter we were off work, so David and I spent the day driving around the Ferguson-Florissant area looking for places to plant a church.

Whenever I drive down those streets, I have to bring a certain amount of courage because the memories come flooding back. That’s where I lived when I was abused.

That’s where the police knew my name and tried to protect me. That’s where I lived when my rib was broken and the disc in my neck was herniated.

That’s the area where I became homeless because my home wasn’t safe anymore. That’s where I had to file bankruptcy. That’s where my house was foreclosed on because my ex-husband was spending all our money on drugs.

I remember what HOPELESSNESS feels like.

But I’m not going to allow the desperate feelings that I felt then to keep me from going back and ministering to the people who need help, now!

In fact, the devil knew 25 years ago that I’d be coming back. That’s why he tried to make me NEVER want to return.

But things are DIFFERENT, now! This time, I’m bringing GOD with me!

God has BIG PLANS for the people in the Ferguson-Florissant community! He’s going to use Faith Church to resurrect their hopes and dreams in the very place where it looked like they died.

  • Dead Careers
  • Dead Relationships
  • Dead Finances

Jesus is ALIVE! Hope is alive… and whatever is dead in your life can be resurrected!


Do you have something, right now, that you want God to resurrect? Agree, by showing us a raised hand emoji.

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  1. Kim Obermeyer

    Thank you for always being real. You are not afraid to show the raw and I know reading it, and hearing you talk about it helps me. I’ve been in bad relationships but they were just the mental games, nothing physical. Some say that one is just as bad as the other but I’m not sure. I’m on my own with my 3 kids (20,18, and 16) and as hard as it can be at times I know I’m doing what God has planned for me. I will follow Him and I know His plan is much bigger than mine could ever be.

  2. Holly Peay

    I am driving around different areas looking for a place to live, to find a home. With no abuse in it. I am on my own this time and it does feel strange. God is with me though.😁

  3. .🙋 Today is Oct 16, 18. I’m just reading this and here is my raised hand. God also remove me from an abusive situation when I was 16. I had a baby to look after and the father thought he could treat me any way he wanted. But God!! I’m now a retired teacher living my best life with a great man, we had another daughter and 4 fantastic grandkids. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

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