The Sweet Life!

Back in 2007, we were vacationing in Destin, Florida. I can remember David saying, “We’re gonna spend years of our lives on white sandy beaches!”

Six years later, God called us to open a new campus in a Florida city that we’d never even been to. He provided one year of FREE television time… then, TWO years of free television time… then THREE!

God provided us with FREE office space, and then He gave us a completely NEW church on an ENTIRELY FREE CAMPUS! Woohoo!!!

We didn’t think it meant anything. But, God takes those little morsels of our words very seriously!

God said, “You think you’re just gonna take it easy on that beach? I’m gonna help you plant a whole other church campus!”

“If you’ll just give me a MORSEL to work with…I can turn it into a MOUNTAIN of blessing!”

Every day “sweet water” is being released from our mouths. Sometimes, the sweet words that come out aren’t just about us. God may use them to bless THOUSANDS of other people.


Is anything too big for God? He’s the same yesterday, today and forever! His hand is not shortened that He cannot accomplish ANYTHING we can imagine!

Ooh La La! God has a sweet life in store for us if we’ll just release those morsels of faith and give Him SOMETHING to work with!


Hey! Let’s get the girls together for a Parisian Cake Party! Tomorrow night, Thursday, September 27th -7:30 pm at the West Palm Beach Campus – Ooh La La!  

Bring a decorated cake for a chance to WIN 2 VIP TICKETS to next year’s Women’s Conference! Don’t forget to invite a friend!

This is another FREE, I Am Woman Event! We’ll see you Thursday!


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  1. Diane

    I saw u on Hillsong and then looked you up and downloaded the devotional . Try to say the whole thing every day. It has helped a lot and thank you

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