Missing Hell

Last spring, I spoke at a conference and was flying home from Orlando. I was all excited because my ticket said #03. That means, I get to get on the plane first and pick my seat!

I got through security early, Starbucks was nearby and I had time to spare. So I stopped to get some egg whites. Should only be a couple minutes.

Ten minutes… fifteen minutes…TWENTY MINUTES! I’m like, “Sorry, I gotta go!” The guy says, “They’re right here!”

So, I grab the little bag and head off to the plane. I’m no longer number three on the plane…I am the VERY LAST person to board!

I see one window seat and ask if I can sit there. The woman points at her child, “Oh, she just vomited in that seat.”

After being turned away from several other rows, I finally ended up in a COZY center seat between two “fluffy” gentlemen who recognize no boundaries.

I’m MAD! “God, I am NEVER flying on a Saturday again! And I don’t like Southwest Airlines because I didn’t get to pick my seat!”

God spoke to me, “Oh, you think you were inconvenienced? You were just REPOSITIONED!” God works ALL things together for our good!

(If Nicole gets stuck at Starbucks for 20 minutes, she won’t end up next to a girl who will vomit on her.)

Whatever the trouble, God is way out AHEAD of it! Whatever the trial, God has MADE A WAY of escape!

We never see all the HELL we miss!

This is the day that the Lord has made. I will REJOICE and BE GLAD… no matter what it looks like to me!


Do you have an airline story that is worse than mine? Be brave and share!

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  1. Holly Peay

    Hi, coming back from to Texas I had to wait on an airplane for 3 hours and my destination was a half hour away. I was hungry and tired. It was all cool though, my son picked me up at the airport and we stopped at burger king for something to eat.

  2. Ericka Miller

    Girl God must tell u the points I need to be reminded of EXACTLY when I need it.
    It’s kinda like that question u ask then, feel like a blooming idiot because u realize u sold urself short & really knew the answer the whole time.

    Sometimes u make me prick my brain, & I love u for that -SERIOUSLY! I should just start calling u SISTER/Pastor. Soooo serious!! Thank u!!!!!

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