Worth the Wait

There’s a stoplight that I regularly encounter that takes three whole minutes JUST to make a left-hand turn!

I don’t like to WAIT!

Now, I’m not going to tell you what state it’s in or where it is because, PERHAPS, you might catch me doing something I shouldn’t.

When it’s late at night and there’s NOT ONE car in sight, in any direction, sometimes…I get bored and just GO!

I want to go! I’m not doing any good just sitting here! I need to be THERE! Are you like me?  Do you just HATE waiting?

Most people don’t like to wait. The problem is, The Bible says, “He that WAITS upon the Lord, shall renew their strength.”

STRENGTH? I like that! I NEED that! I even need strength to wait!

What does “waiting on the Lord” look like?

Well… it looks like waking up in the morning, grabbing our Hi God book, going somewhere quiet, and letting Him speak to us through His Word.

When we take the time to talk to Him, He lets us know that we’re NOT alone, we’re not an island.

Talking to Him, when no one else is around, and taking the time to wait upon the Lord gives us the opportunity to TAKE IN all the blessings from Heaven!

Heaven is right here, just WAITING FOR US to “tune-up” and “tune-into” the knowledge and the revelation that ONLY comes from God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth!

Waiting on God isn’t always fun…but it’s always WORTH IT!


Do you hate to wait? Show me a raised hand if you agree! What’s the thing that you dislike waiting on the most?

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  1. Monica Hartnett

    I feel the same Nicole, I hate waiting! But I know God is working on me daily. He is such a good, good Daddy/God! His love covers all mistakes I’ve ever done, am doing now and will do in the future. He’s the best Daddy I’ve ever had!

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