I’m Gonna Do Better!

I’d like to save you a little trouble. Today, I’d like to share a fewthings I learned this past year. Some, by observing other people. But most,I learned the HARD WAY!

Love-We all WANT to be needed… and NEED to be wanted. No matter how much we build up those around us, we can always do MORE!

Family- is more important than almost anything! We’re never TOO BIG for our momma to hold. Hint: Call your momma! It’s a seed you’ll be excited to reap in a few years.

Patience- isn’t a virtue… it’s a MUST! An angry outburst never madeanyone feel better. Not even us.

Attitude- It really is worth it to help someone else have a good day. Just giving a compliment on their outfit can make a HUGE difference in someone’s day.

Idle Chit-Chat- Words weigh a TON… whether they’re right or wrong. Words said in jest or in passing can crush someone and we might not even realize what we said.

Work- No matter where you are, you can love your job if you WANT to.Stop being so anxious for tomorrow that we miss today.

Friendship- A real friend is like SOLID GOLD! We don’t have to talk everyday or even every month. A true friend has permission to speak into our lives and never has to apologize for what they say.

You- Take care of yourself. It’s NOT selfish! If we don’t take care of ourselves, then we won’t be ABLE to take care of anyone else.

Life- without God isn’t worth living! I’ve known this for years! But Irealize that sometimes, I go for HOURS without talking to Him. That’s theSAME as trying to live life without Him.

“Thank you, God, for everything you did for me in 2018. This year… I’m gonna do BETTER!”


What’s something you learned this year that was important enough for you toremember? Share your wisdom and write it here!

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  1. Ruth

    I learned this past year that I messed up not talking to God enough and that Satan is always there to mess you up and on the last day of the year I give up and wait for God to restore me.

  2. Marinda Ferrell

    Thanks be to God for the both of you as my pastors. I haven’t been as active or involved with my church. One car is needed to take care of three different schedules. You always up-lift and encourage me through the word and through your spiritual journey of real life experiences. Happy New Year and God Blessings upon you and my church family.

  3. Diane

    Hi Pastor Nicole
    I think this is probably the best message yet I have received from you. I have a brother who is not Christian even though we were raised in a good Christian family. I plan to keep this message and weave it into conversations with him in the new year. He is struggling in many areas of his life but doesn’t see it as his desperate need for Jesus. My family and I just recently started going to the Earth City location. We are impressed and feel full of joy and more love for the Lord than in our last church. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with your husband and the rest of the team.

  4. Peggy

    2018 was my year of transformation. healing and growth. I laughed more and cried less. I practiced guiltless self-care. I stepped out of my comfort zone and made new friends.

  5. Kelley

    Pastor Nicole,
    I love your end of the year statement and can relate totally to it…. this has been a year of learning everything the hard way with all the tradgities in my family … and my life… I’ve learn to draw close to God and EVERYTHING always works out…
    I’ve learned no matter how dark the situation with family, friends , health … He will lift me above the storm into his presence…!!!

    I’m blessed to be a part of a church that reaches out to the sinner and doesn’t judge …. and loves them just like Jesus does…

    Thank you for always being wonderful Pastors and being my spiritual guidance

    Love. Ya 😘

  6. Samkelisiwe

    2018, was difficult for me and my family,financially. But I learnt that the fact that we have means to provide for what we need doesn’t mean we are able but it’s God who enables us. Resources minus Jesus equals poverty. But Jesus makes our needs to be met even when resources are failing us.

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