One More Time!

One day, David and I got together with some good friends for a friendly game of tennis. They belong to a tennis club and one of them played competitively in college.

This was only the second time I’d EVER played, so I was very intimidated!

I left feeling pretty disappointed and uncoordinated. (As if my friends had just had to BABYSIT me for a few hours.)

Discouragement started to creep in. Then things went from bad to WORSE! By midnight, I was in EXCRUCIATING pain from the workout!

I wanted to QUIT! I was feeling so discouraged, I wanted to swear off tennis forever!

The next morning, David woke up and said, “That was so much fun! Let’s go AGAIN!” (I just wanted to STRANGLE him!)

But instead of acting on that, I thought about my options. Everything in me wanted to tell him, “I am SO OVER playing tennis! I’m not GOOD ENOUGH! It had to be a BAD experience for our friends! And I’m in PAIN!”

Then, I started to think about everything I would be MISSING.

  • TIME with my husband!
  • FUN of being with friends!
  • The FOOD afterward!
  • Tremendous WORKOUTS!

I decided I would try it ONE MORE TIME.

Are you struggling with a tough relationship, a difficult job, or just getting out of bed in the morning?

God believes in YOU and so do I! You can do this! Just give it a try, ONE… MORE… TIME!


Have you ever failed MISERABLY at something, the first time you tried it, but later, learned to enjoy it? Tell me, that I’m not alone!


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  1. Didi

    Thanks for sharing the message. It’s important to never give up even though you struggle. I have been trying to get into a new career and it’s been difficult, but I am trying my best to not give up!

  2. E

    Strange u wrote this blog today because this is EXACTLY the way my entire day was. Not to mention or, specify clearly the Spiritual aspect!

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