Inside Out!

Earlier this year, I was on my way to Australia, on a six-hour flight from Miami to LA.

When I got on the plane, they said, “Oh hello, Mrs. Crank. You have an upgrade! We’re taking you to first-class!”

And I’m thinking, “The Lord LOVES me!

Not only do I get an upgrade, (which means I get food) but I also get a seat that lays down! Yay!!!

Since I was fasting, I could only eat part of what they brought me: salad and some slices of beef. It was okay. I could eat those two things, so I’m happy!

I go to kick back, to take a little rest, and everything is great UNTIL I get that feeling! Uh oh! Something’s not right!

In fact, something is VERY WRONG!

OH, GOOD LORD!!! I’m so glad the bathroom was right behind me because I needed it…BAD!

As a germ-a-phobe, there’s nothing I wanted LESS than to get sick in an airplane bathroom!  But as it turned out…. I had food poisoning!

So, what was on the inside of me just had to come out! That was unfortunate!

But, most of the time it’s the GOOD STUFF we possess, like our God-given talents that are buried down deep inside.

Sometimes, God’s Purpose on the inside of us is SO GREAT that it just HAS to come out!

God wants to PRESS it out of us! He wants to get every last ounce of hidden talent, ability, and anointing out of us to use for His work here on Earth.

Get ready to be squeezed! _____________________________________

Have you ever had an “Oh NO!” moment like I had, in public? What happened to you?

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