The Divine Domino Effect

When I get invited to preach at other churches, I’m prayerful about where I’m supposed to go. In 2012, I really felt like God wanted me to go to Shreveport, Louisiana, to speak at a women’s event.

A few months after that, a girl that I’d made a strong connection with, there, came to St. Louis. I asked my son, Austin, to host her and her brother while they were in town.

After they left, Austin came to tell us about something God had revealed to him during his time of prayer. He said, “I’m going to marry that girl!”

Austin has NEVER said that about ANY girl, before. David told him, “That was God!”

Now, six years later, I have a beautiful daughter-in-LOVE and her name is Morgan! That “God prompting” wasn’t about ME at all. It was about Austin and Morgan, and their future together.

I think, sometimes, we UNDERESTIMATE the value of a supernatural prompt. God prompted ME to preach in a city that I’d never been to before; a city that wasn’t even on my list of “top cities to visit”.

But, we never know what God wants to do through divine timing, a divine meeting, or a divine place.

There’s a divine domino effect that happens with EVERY – SINGLE – DECISION that we make! Sometimes, it takes YEARS to see all the pieces fall into place.

That’s why, every decision that we make is WORTH praying about! Involve God in all those little decisions, because you have no idea the TREASURE He has buried inside!



Have you ever been prompted by God to do something that you really couldn’t explain?  How did it turn out?

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