Is Your Family Worth It?

This weekend and last weekend, I did a talk at all of our churches about some of the things my family does, personally, to live a healthier lifestyle; particularly, when it comes to making GREEN SMOOTHIES.

I know…I talked really fast and gave a TON of information in a short amount of time. Honestly, I was afraid I’d bored everyone to tears with too many nutritional details.

Well…apparently not!

Because now, I’m being overwhelmed with questions and comments on all my social media. I’m so glad that many of you ARE interested in feeling better, losing weight and finally getting off of certain prescription medicines.

WARNING: I am NOT a doctor! DO NOT quit taking your medicine. And, if you plan on integrating ANY of my advice into your own life…ASK YOUR DOCTOR, FIRST. (Thank you, lawyers!)

So, what in the world IS a green smoothie?

It’s a TASTY BLENDED DRINK that gives our bodies more of the essential nutrients that we need to be healthy.

Face it. Our society just doesn’t eat as many fruits and vegetables as we used to. Even our soil has become so depleted, that the ones we DO eat contain a lot less of the valuable vitamins and minerals that we need to function well.

With our busy lifestyles, a GREEN SMOOTHIE is, simply, a quick way to give our bodies a SUPER BOOST of all the good stuff!

Below, are links to 3 SEPARATE BLOGS I wrote, that contain all the details you need to start your day with a big glass of goodness!

The FIRST one, lists all the fruits and vegetables we use, and their benefits. The SECOND one, explains the powdered supplements we add. And the THIRD one, talks about all the different liquids we use.

The FUN thing is, you can ADJUST YOUR RECIPE to fit your own particular tastes and needs.

God has BIG plans for you! I would love to help you live longer and stronger to accomplish it ALL!

Are you’re ready to try something NEW?


I’ve, also, included the link to my full message, “Little Secrets for a Big Life”. Enjoy!


What You Have Wanted To Know About Green Smoothies

Green Smoothie Add-Ins To Fight Cancer And Other Ugly Diseases

Green Smoothie – Let’s Make It a Cocktail

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  1. Krystal

    Thank you so much Pastor Nicole for having a heart to be willing to share this information truly so helpful my mother and I are looking forward to getting started on the new path God bless you!

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