Keeping the Joy!

I remember when I was a kid and these last days before Christmas seemed like the LONGEST in history!

Day by day, I would move the little snowflake on my calendar one step closer to the GOAL of December 25th.

It always seemed like the tree was in the house for AGES and the gifts were just there to tempt me to peek inside.

(I have to admit, I DID at least a time or two. Sorry mom.)

Now when I hear, “Just 1 week until Christmas”I breakout in a slight PANIC! I still have goodies to bake, turkey to roast, presents to buy and wrap, and parties to attend!

Talk about PRESSURE! I think I’m breaking a stress sweat just thinking about it!

Okay, you might NOT relate. You might be one of those people who hang loose until December 24th, then pick up a few gifts at the gas station and toss them in some gift bags.

(You’re probably a single male in his twenties. Just sayin…)

The pressure to make the season magical, the pressure to not disappoint, the pressure to make it what WE remember as children can sometimes be OVERWHELMING!

Were MY parents this busy?

I can see, NOW, how it would be easy to lose sight of JESUS, the reason for the season! Let’s not let that happen!

Take a DEEP BREATH! I promise, it’s all gonna work out okay! Release the pressure… KEEP the JOY!!!

Honor JESUS and enjoy your time together with family and friends. Everything else is just gravy!  (Uumm…GRAVY!)



Are you feeling the Christmas STRESS? 

Or, are you LOVING every minute of it, like Buddy the Elf?

5 Responses

  1. jessica Thompson

    Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year. I am like a 4 year old. Of course we deal with the stress of the holidays, but I can only do so much. And what I cant I give to the Lord. I try to remember those warm memories of my childhood and make good memories for my kids.

  2. Marinda Ferrell

    I am thankful there is no holiday stress in my life. Jesus is the reason for the season and he wasn’t born for me to stress over the season. His mom the Virgin Mary as with all new moms going through birth of a child probably experienced stress like no woman on Earth. She was bringing forth the son of God and that is the definition of stress.

  3. Rachel Martinez

    Enjoying every minute!!!! Also, I have a special gift for my family this year….it looks like there will be a new baby in the family in 2019! I have had 3 miscarriages in the past BUT, this time we made it past the first trimester!!!! I am believing in God for a healthy baby of body, mind, and soul!!! God blesses in abundance and that is what I am claiming !!!

  4. Bobbie Thompson

    Hi my husband and I was just talking about this very thing…. Keeping Jesus in the true meaning of Christmas…..This year I have not allowed myself to get all flustered about gifts…. We have them but we have cut way back… I HAVE REFRAMED IN THE PAST TO PRAY AT OUR FAMILY MEAL AT THE CHRISTMAS TABLE… ,NOT ANYMORE… GRANDBABIES NEED TO KNOW THE TRUE MEANING OF THIS BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY… Thankyou Jesus…..Merry Christmas……

  5. Diane

    Ya ya ya sure no problem this dull life. I go to church once a week and I have clinic twice a week but that’s all. I have no vacation memory’s of Australia I didbt go anywhere for vacation. Hope u appreciate how good u have it. I’m stuck in Wisconsin

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