This is HUGE!

The other morning, I got up EXTRA early because my wonderful, sleeping husband accidentally elbowed me in the head! Then, he rolled over and took ALL the covers!

I didn’t say a word and snuck out of the room so that he could sleep. I started a load of laundry, straightened up his mess in the living room, paid all our bills, and knocked out a few chores around the house.

When I finally saw him, (all showered and ready for the day) he didn’t even remark on all I’d accomplished and all I’d saved him from, by letting him sleep.

He said, “I’m going to take Ashtyn with me to make your morning easier.”

He was being super sweet and thoughtful by making my morning kid-free. But, he didn’t acknowledge ANYTHING that I DID for him! (He did, however, mention what HE was doing for me.)

“Thanks, but I’ve been doing you favors all morning!”

Does it ever feel like you’re ALWAYS the person giving just a little bit more in every relationship?

  • Investing more time than they do.
  • Making all the plans.
  • Doing more than your share of the work.
  • Pulling your weight – and some of theirs.
  • Even making more concessions.

Most people see whatever THEY GIVE away (time, money, effort) as if they’re looking through a magnifying glass.

From our perspective, OUR efforts look HUGE. But then, when someone does something for us (that THEY saw as huge), we receive it as something much smaller.

What do you see?

Let’s CRUSH the magnifying glass and set the stage for seeing clearly ALL the good things of God!


What was a NICE THING that you did for someone who barely even noticed? I’m listening!

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