Something’s Gotta Give!

Every morning, it seems like I wake up with a MILLION things on my mind that I feel like I HAVE to do!

How about you? I’ve planned to:

·       Read my Bible

·       Work out

·       Drink two big glasses of water

·       Fix breakfast

·       Feed the dog

·       Take my vitamins

·       Straighten the house

·       Start a load of laundry

·       Shower and get dressed


But if I don’t watch myself, I tend to get OVERLY occupied with a few small projects. You know, those things you just CAN’T walk by without handling quickly.

(Honestly, I get distracted getting the spice cabinet reorganized while the coffeemaker is dripping! And adding to the list to clean out the hall closet…all before I plan to get in the shower – and I woke up late!)

Then, just when I start feeling like I’m gaining MOMENTUM and accomplishing SO much…. I glance at the clock.

OMG!!! Where did the time go? Something’s gotta give!

Now I’m going to have to cut something BIG out of my day because I let the SMALL things rob me of my time.

We need to put first things FIRST!

Find a comfy chair in a quiet room and get out our Bible and “Hi God” book. Talk to God about our day. Ask Him to HELP us manage all our daily tasks. Write down anything that He brings to mind.

God wants us to put Him FIRST, every morning.

If we’ll do that, we won’t be allowing the “time suckers” to distract and derail us from achieving His larger goals for our lives.


Continue reading on page 5 of “Hi God, It’s Me Again” and fill in pages 1 and 2 of the “HI God Journal and Study Guide”.


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  1. Evergrace Davis

    GM Pastor Nicole! This is SO TRUE…I’ve often fell victim to this on too many occasions. Thank You So Much for sharing! Love You!

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