Staying Relevant

Back in 1990, I remember how hard my parents fought the idea of getting their first VCR… until somebody gave them one.

Then, they started watching movies like CRAZY and LOVED it! They were the same way with the microwave and the cordless phone.

Then, 10 years later, they SWORE they didn’t want a DVD player…until I bought them one.

Just because we’ve ALWAYS done things one way…doesn’t mean that’s the way we should always do it!

Getting TOO comfortable with the old way of doing things can mean that new opportunities just pass us by.

The Gifts of God are irrevocable. But, if we don’t get with God every day and find out what NEW THING He’s speaking to our hearts, we risk getting stuck in the past.

Then, we’re going to be STALE, IRRELEVANT, and OLD! And to me, “OLD” is a curse word!

So what does it take? CHANGE!


If we don’t embrace change, God will just move on to someone else who WILL listen to Him and DO what He tells them to do! He’ll find someone who’s not STUCK in their same old ways.

Our OLD routine doesn’t take any faith. God’s NEW, “out of the box”, and increasing our talents way… DOES!



Be a person that’s willing to seek Him. Be flexible and ready to MOVE! Then God will use you to change the world!


Has God been trying to get you out of a pattern of OLD thinking? What is He speaking to you?

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  1. Ericka

    Great blog! Interesting subject hence, everything especially spiritually has been made new, & a lot is really just unheard of! However, I’ve made the decision & stuck w/ it to give the reigns completely to Him in this new endeavor. Typically whenever it’s crazy & just out & right strange there’s a Blessing not to far away from it! 😀

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