Let Go and Let God!

Back in 2005, we sold our farm and moved into town so that we could be closer to the church. The people that were buying our house became our GOOD FRIENDS. They would come over just to hang out. We even invited them to David’s birthday party.

On closing day, we were SO EXCITED that people we liked were going to enjoy the home we had built. After we signed all the papers, we decided we should take them out to lunch to CELEBRATE.

They said, “We don’t want to go to lunch…we’re going to SUE YOU!”

“We’ve been all through the house and found things we think are wrong. So, thank you very much, for basically giving us your house for FREE!”

We felt betrayed and totally CRUSHED!

Then, I got MAD!!!  I wanted to FIGHT!  I wanted to start calling every lawyer we knew.

But David said, “No.  We just need to get on our knees and let God DO what God DOES.”

(I agreed…but I wasn’t very happy about it.)

The hardest fight of FAITH is the fight we fight to KEEP FROM FIGHTING!

Let me tell you how GOOD God is.

Months later, we got a phone call from the Chief of Police. He said, “Remember that guy that was threatening to sue you? He’s in the newspaper, today.”

“He’s being prosecuted by the Attorney General of the State of Missouri for turning back odometers at his car lot and falsifying records. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about him anymore.”

WOW! We could NEVER have done that!

When we take our faith off of God and try to do things ourselves, it just TIES HIS HANDS to work things out on our behalf.


Resist the enemy and enter into the REST of GOD!


Have you ever given something over to God that turned out so much BETTER than you expected? Tell me about it.





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  1. LaGail Lenoir


    I think I remembered you telling this story before, but reading brings on a newness to Let Go and Let God fight my battles. Thanks PN 🙂

  2. Joni Leon-Guerrero

    Wow! Such strength and obedience to the Holy Sprit!
    Mahalo Nui Loa for such a powerful message……
    I cannot wait to share this with my gifts!

    Always blessed to hear how God speaks through you ~

    Blessings overflow!


    PN when you said resist the devil/enemy rest in God. You also said when you laid hands on me 11 days ago that my cancer was of satan not me. Since the moment you laid hands on me. I felt INSTANT LOVE, a love I never felt before and forgiveness, peace/healing the holy spirit was all over you that day because I felt it. As soon as you touched my face i was gone. I saw blue/purple color and complete silence. I had to go to my bible to search laying on of hands it’s in there 24 times.Charles said i was anointed at that moment.. I can tell you this I am not the same I feel better about myself. I have let go of anger. I have found my rest in God. You Pastor Nicole are our spiritual mother and we are blessed to have you.

  4. Evie Anderson

    I just recently was able to come back to Faith Church and was looking forward to it. I was also given a diagnosis by my Doctor over the last 6 months that scared me so much I didn’t want to believe it. When I got to Church, I don’t know why, but I was angry and swore I was never coming back. I ran into a woman that I knew had called me while I was home due to the head on collision that had kept me from coming to Church. I was shaking and scared and just wanted to leave and go home. I had just gotten out of the hospital because I have Liver Disease from Hep C which had been cured so I thought that I would be fine. Then being diagnosed with the next health issue has taken away so much of my independence. I had never believed in the term Accidental Overdose, and a few weeks before this I woke up in the hospital from taking my medication over and over again because the new health problem affects my memory and other cognitive functions in my brain. The person I ran into had called me after the car accident and I think we may have sat together in Church. Her and her husband have came back to the parking lot and saw me wandering around and offered to give me a ride home which is 45 minutes in the opposite direction of where they live. They also made sure I made it to the Easter Service which was awe inspiring. I saw you, Pastor Nicole at the Easter Service and the service two weeks before. I had your workbook with me and have been confused about my path. When I shared with you that I wanted to get some teeth and get through these health issues, you said that this might be my path in life, the following week I had gotten 8 Federal Resources from a Gofundme account I had forgotten about. I had a friend who sent me money for my Birthday and couldn’t find me and the Gofundme people told me about that I had a donation waiting for me. You told me to let go and my path would be laid out for me and when I get out of the way and give it to God amazing things happen. You are our Spiritual Mother and I am looking forward to Church next Sunday. I will have to attend Online tomorrow and hope that I can do it right.

  5. Lindsay

    This was a great to read!
    I’ve been struggling with some relational Issues in my life and letting go and letting God come in and do His work. I finally opened my heart in this area of my life and let Him in… yet all I see right now is pain, betrayal, and hurt.
    Deep down I know this is God redirecting my sails to lead me down a better path.. but in the meantime.. while I wait to see the silver lining, this pain really sucks.
    It’s nice to see that others deal with these struggles too. Thanks for being transparent Pastor Nicole.

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