Living an Unlimited Life

Circus Elephants are the largest and MOST POWERFUL animals on earth! Have you ever wondered how they’re taught to be so gentle?

They’re trained by having one of their feet linked with a chain to an immovable stake. After a time, the trainers can take the chain completely off.

The elephant is free to run away…but he doesn’t because he still has an INVISIBLE BARRIER in his mind that he thinks he can not break.

God has called us to live an UNLIMITED LIFE. So what keeps us from doing so? Are there areas where we’ve set up invisible barriers…self-imposed LIMITS on our own lives?

Have you failed before? Has life trained you to stop trying too hard because it’s just no use?

Don’t DISQUALIFY yourself!

We all get comfortable in the confines of what we can do. COMFORTABLE is a limit. Figure out a way around your limitation.

We can live for our comfort or we can live for OUR CALL. Maybe it’s time we got a little uncomfortable because “good” is often the enemy of “GREAT”!

We serve an UNLIMITED GOD that has empowered us! We think we’re stuck in this place, but, thankfully, God knows the way out!

If we believe for the IMPOSSIBLE, we can move forward and do the IMPROBABLE!

BUST OUT! God loves LIMIT BREAKERS! Take the limits off and live the life God has for you!



Do you have an invisible barrier in your mind that is LIMITING you in certain areas of your life? Share with me, please.


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  1. Marinda Ferrell

    I have a book completed and approved for publication that need funding to move forward. an invention approved and a manufacturing company interested in pursuing it. They need funding. Two more books in progress and depending on success of first book no funds will be needed. Huge student loan and medical bill that need to be paid off. A divorced daughter and her two kids been living with us for over a year. She has a degree and recently hired; however, her wages will not cover her expenses: Shelter, food, and clothing. She will continue to need our assistance. My life situation is my Mt. Everest. My faith is strong and yet on a practical level; there is no way God is going to answer my prayers because of all the financial resources needed to help my situation. God is good all the time but for all my needs even he has limits with me.

    1. Paula Monsanto

      God is well able to do all things, nothing is to hard for our God. Be Bless and trust him for all your needs. When we speak negative word we limit ourselves. Only believe what God will do!! But believe in faith without faith it is impossible to please God. I pray these encouraging word of truth will be a blessing to you and your family. Only Believe 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  2. Tracey

    Greetings in the name of Jesus
    Thank you for a wonderful post really is one of those questions I had lately that why am I limiting God while He says His the “I AM”, I had limited myself in finding a job, it’s been 2 years applying, searching and nothing seems to be happening, but after reading this post, I realised I cannot love in limitations I’ll take what James 1:5,says and get wisdom into does God want me to work or be self-employed.
    Thank you very much.
    God bless.

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