What Are You Stressing About?

In our family, we started a NEW tradition. We love going to New York City to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The last time we were there, we went to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. One of the cool parts of their show is when they form a human PINWHEEL and rotate it onstage…like the blades of a fan.

The girls at the very end of the line struggle and have to take REALLY BIG steps, in order to keep up. But, it was interesting to me, how the girls in the center barely even moved.

The closer we are to JESUS (our center) the less we have to struggle. In fact, it’s practically effortless!

By stressing and not resting, we are overestimating our own ability to control the situation and UNDERESTIMATING God’s power to handle things. Most of the time, it’s just dumb stuff, anyway, that keeps us awake at night.

Sleep is good for us. Sleep is healing. Not just physical rest…. but SOUL rest! We have to trust in Him…and sometimes that’s HARD!

Start by giving Him the little stuff, and then, work your way up to the BIG stuff.

We don’t have to wear all the CARE. Let it go! Leave all your worries at the feet of the Lord. It’s out of our hands!


Is there something stressing you that you should let go of?

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  1. Sharon Chism

    I’m stressing about my husband and him being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I see where it’s taking over his memory. He’s going to have to stop driving soon and I’ll have to start driving again. I haen’t drove in 8 years and it scares me to even think about it. He handled all the finances and he has them in such a mess. We are over loaded with bills. We’re trying to downsize so we can move to MO where our daughter lives. I’ve gained so much weight. My sister has always taken care of my mom. Now my nephew and his wife have convinced my mom that they should take care of her. They don’t take care of her. She’s like a prisoner in her own house. They want her house and to put her in a nursing home like they did her mom when they first got married. She’s 96 years old. I have several medical problems too. I guess you get the idea of how things are. Thanks for listening.

  2. Morgan Sealock

    I’m stressing over the fact I have had to have both Fallopian tubes removed due to ectopic pregnancies. My husband and I are believing the lord will bless us with a supernatural conception of our perfect baby!
    Any and all prayers are appreciated.

  3. Cheryl Jacobs

    Healing and finaces restored. Had flu several times . Costing me a small fortune in meds. I am widow on disability.please b in agreement for restoration

  4. Riley

    I am putting my son’s in your hands lord. As a single mother this is very hard for me. My twin boys are my world. They have given me nothing but joy and have achieved so much, but now that they are adults things have been happening in their lives that I am not able to control and put them in God’s hands.

  5. Natlie Fonseca

    I stress over life! I trust God and Jesus! I miss my mom a lot. I had to watch her go and I was trusting God for a miracle to see her live longer here, but he took her to live with him. I miss her and want to talk to her! It hurts a lot! My husband hasn’t been the best husband, nor friend, but I know Jesus is working in him and me. I have a beautiful four year old son who is intelligent and amazing! I wish he got to know my mom like I knew her! I stay focused on how blessed I am that God gave me an amazing Mom to miss and a astonishing son to live for. I’ve made my self super overweight. I just ate my feelings and comfort food to fill the need to see and talk with my mom. I need a prayer to balance my feelings and what I put in my mouth when I’m not in the best mood.


    I am stressing out, I am so upset My Son Mike wants out of his Marriage to Megan They have one child and another on the way. He says he can not take all the negativity and mental abuse anymore from his wife, He told her to go back to nebraska to live with her parents, I tried to reason with him he is so stubborn, he just can let his wife leave with a baby on the way, he needs to be there for the baby at least, If something happens to the baby he needs to be part of it. He keeps telling me he will be there, but we all know how that works, the little girl means the world to me I am just so heartbroken that I will be losing her, I can not convice him to have her stay in St. Louis untill the baby is born . I feel like my world is falling apart,,,, For some reason I just can’t stop crying over this why I do not know . but I do knw he is making a mistake sending her away right now, Please help me pray that everything will be fine, Right now I am so sad that I only get to see my granddaughter for a few more weeks and than she will be gone forever and that hurts the most. I am just confused on why God would allow another child to come to this family when they were having problems, I am trying not to loose faith in God, I know he has a plan but I pray it will be okay at the end

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