Don’t Be a Numbskull

What are you listening to on your way to work?

There’s just so much talk show NONSENSE! “Can you believe what she wore on the red carpet?” Now, they’re doing prank calls to embarrass people.

Blah! Blah! BLAH!

There’s so much noise that it can be MIND-NUMBING!

We don’t want to be a NUMBSKULL. (We sure don’t want our boss to think we’re a numbskull.) So why numb our minds on the way to work?

We want to be SHARP!

One of the things my family does is listen to podcasts whenever we can. We listen to a lot of leadership podcasts, spiritual podcasts and worship music to keep our spirits sharp.

A SHARP SPIRIT? What does that mean?

It’s nice to have a high IQ. It’s good to be smart. But if your spirit isn’t sharp, then your brain won’t even know which way to go. (Because our brains tell us to do some really dumb stuff!)

Turn off the NOISE and turn on an uplifting message or song. We need to get out of our heads and into our spirits, and allow the Spirit of God to lead us forthwith PEACE.

People ask me, all the time, “How can I hear God?” Well, I guarantee, that you ALREADY hear from God…. you just don’t recognize His voice.

You probably called it intuition, a gut feeling or you just knew. No. That was the Spirit of God leading you!

The more time we spend sharpening our spirit and talking to God…the more we’ll be able to recognize His voice when He speaks to us.

How are you using the time on your way to work? What could you be doing?


A great spirit-sharpening tool, is the Audio Version of my “Hi God” Devotional.  Sit back, enjoy the commute and allow me to read to you. Available at higodbook.com


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  1. Evelyn Anderson

    Pastor Nicole, I love this post, there are times I cannot figure out why I am angry and I have come to figure out it is usually due to listening to negative thoughts in my head or not taking time to spend talking to God. You gave me some great feedback regarding what my path may be at the early service on March 18th. When I got home I had a message from the GoFundMe account that I had started back in 2014 to help Cancer patients, I didn’t understand how to market it so I forgot about it until this message I had gotten from them. It’s amazing how this happens. Faith Church has gotten me through so many health issues when I was watching it on TV while I was unable to come to the service for two years in 2016. I was dunked and accepted Jesus Christ in 2016 as well and in September of 2017 I had a very bad car accident and once again Angela told me how I could get transportation to come back to Faith Church in person in March of this year. Faith Church and the people I have met here have always been there for me and I know that this is God speaking to me through other people, in my dreams and my goal setting. I am so grateful that I God put this Church in my path, I have two more friends, Jane and Paul that have been wonderful. There are other friends too and I don’t want to mention all their names, I am just so grateful to everyone at the Church and feel so blessed that God is in my life and restored my faith.

  2. bill lawson

    Thanks for the encouraging emails have downloaded your confession cd and play it on my way to work have seen god turn things around you folks are a blessing!

  3. Carrie

    Hi! I did purchase your book HI God Devotional before it was available on audio version. Do I have access to this or would I have to re purchase the book? Thank you!

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