Mountains from Molehills

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I was recently INJURED in a helicopter incident.

During takeoff, the helicopter blade hit my middle finger and SPLIT my fingernail right down the middle, from top to bottom. Ouch!!!

My nail was half detached, so when I touched anything it would pull on the tender FLESH underneath that used to be protected.

(Are you feeling SORRY for me yet?)

Oh…did I mention that the helicopter that injured me was purchased at the DOLLAR STORE?

Yep. I was wounded by a plastic TOY!

I didn’t think the “I hurt myself with a toy” anglewas NEARLY interesting enough. So when I began to tell this story, I EMBELLISHED or just omitted critical FACTS.


Have you ever exaggerated or inflated YOUR problems? It’s only natural!

Our human nature is to make our OWN circumstances appear more important than they really are. We justify our actions by MAGNIFYING our issues.

We have to be careful about HOW we tell our story.

If we insist on blowing up the SMALL stuff in our lives (for whatever reason) it will become exactly as BIG a problem as we make it.

We have much more CONTROL over how our day turns out than we might think.

  • Our THINKING establishes how we feel.
    • How we FEEL will be reflected in our story.
    • Our STORY governs how we ARE!

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy!

We have to stop making MOUNTAINS out of MOLEHILLS! THINK about our lives, BELIEVE the best, TALK about it God’s way… and then we can LIVE it!






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  1. Josselyn Adams

    Hi Pastor Nicole, my name is Josselyn Adams and I attend faith church in earth city. We’ve met a couple of times but you probably don’t remember me. I just graduated college with a undergraduate degree and thought things would be alot easier once I graduated but it hasn’t. There are so many issues at home and finding a job hasn’t been easy. Your sermon yesterday on setting goals for 2019 was so helpful though. I wrote down about 7 things I want to accomplish and pray that I can make it happen. I just want to say you inspire me.

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