You Complete Me!

The other morning, David got up early and left the house while I was still asleep.

I could tell that he’d been in our bathroom, by the way the towels were BARELY hanging on the rack. MINE, on the other hand, was neatly folded in thirds with all the edges straight across the bottom.

(Yes, if you’re wondering…I AM a little bit OCD!)

Am I the only one? Does it drive you CRAZY when people do things differently than you?

You’re probably thinking that I should’ve been happy that he even TRIED to hang up his towel at ALL! But, the fact that it was just haphazardly thrown up over the towel bar still BUGGED me!

Sometimes, I catch myself thinking, “I wish my husband was MORE LIKE ME.” But, actually, it’s our DIFFERENCES that really make our relationship work!

Opposites DO attract!It’s probably more my nature to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. I’m more of a “detail” person.

But, it’s David’s talent to be THE LIFE OF THE PARTY by acting as the pressure valve that helps me keep my SANITY!

I might ACT like I’m irritated at his well-timed “silliness”, but I actually love and appreciate all that he brings to the table. He just makes life more FUN!

(He had me at “hello”! lol)

We can stop being annoyed! Instead, celebrate all those quirky DIFFERENCES in others that add so much value to our lives!


Just like Jerry MaGuire… they totally COMPLETE us!



Are you in a relationship with someone who’s personality or habits are totally OPPOSITE? How has that been an advantage to you?


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  1. Gregg

    Love this and so very true. My spouse and I have returned to Faith Church after many years of being away. I love Faith and he, on the other hand is Roman Catholic and I love his church as well. It is a great balance for the both of us.

  2. OMG !!!
    Hi Pastor Nicole, it’s been a while since I’ve seen & worshiped with you at FaithCh Stl. A few year back the Lord places me in a different Local church…. any way that’s not why I’m responding to your Email, but just YESTERDAY I asked God to help me Love & CELEBRATE OUR DIFFERENCES & his quirkinesses! Not mine ofcourse! 🤣🤣🤣
    Love what you said & trying to live this way in
    2019. This is our Banner year!
    God Bless & thankful all the in learned when I was serving & attending FaithChSunsetHills!
    Love Dawn Wheat

  3. Cortney

    I was just going through this recently. I feel I have to keep the house in order and top shape and I am probably OCD myself! Why doesn’t everyone just DO things MY way! It’s the right way, right?!! I gotta understand that everyone is different. Plus, I am totally my dad and we are pretty much the same person and he drives me CRAZY sometimes! So, why would I want my fiance’ to be just like me? I don’t so I have to accept that there is no right way…and opposites do attract!

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