Make it Count!

What would it take to make this year the MOST AMAZING year of your life? In this piece of the the first of five FREE lessons, Pastor Nicole teaches us how to change our destination by changing our DIRECTION. Writing down our GOALS will give us clarity of vision for our future. Let’s make 2019 really count! To get the free downloads and goals sheets go to Nicolecrank.com and subscribe for the free 30 day goals worksheet. 

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  1. Julie Case

    Sean is healed
    I own a new car
    I own my own home
    I will go on family vacation October 10-17
    I am closer to God
    I own my own business

    My goals please pray for me

  2. Ms. Brennan Bonner

    I don’t have a vehicle to get to church but I watch with my daughter faithfully every Sunday on channel 30. I would like to download your teaching on writing down goals in this banner year. Is it still available and if so how do I get it?

    Thank You!

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