There’s the Rub!

One day a few weeks ago, I wore this dark pair of jeans and a hoodie to work. I was COLD, so I started rubbing the top of my legs to get warm.

When I looked at my palms, I looked like a SMURF! The blue dye from my jeans was all over my hands, on my hoodie, and EVERYWHERE!

This was a problem! What I was close to was rubbing off on ME!

Have you ever gone out to a restaurant with your meal all planned out? You’re having the toasted ravioli for an appetizer, the baked lasagna for your meal, French fries as a side, you gotta try the calamari, and a big order of tiramisu for dessert!

But your friend orders first! They’re watching their weight, so they’re just ordering the baked fish and broccoli!

Oh NO!!!

All of a sudden, your whole calorie-laden plan goes out the window! Has that ever happened to you?

Who we’re around tends to RUB OFF on us!

The truth is, our lives are the sum total of the five people we hang out with the most! So WHO’S in our crew? What kind of friends do we have?

Proverbs 27:17 says, “Just as iron sharpens iron, friends sharpen the minds of each other.” (CEV)

All that means is, whoever we’re around the most will surely rub off on us! What kind of friends do we want around us?

That’s EASY! What kind of LIFE do we want to have?


Have you ever had a friend that rubbed off on you, good or bad? Tell us about it.


2 Responses

  1. Julie Case

    I have encountered several “friends “ in my life who I knew were wrong for me. They made bad decisions. I use to make very poor choices and was a very bad alcoholic. Once soberity came, once JESUS came it still took me a bit to understand that those “friends” were not friends at all. Everton time I was around them bad things happened. Finally God said “when will you understand that I am your friend”. That hit me like a ton of bricks and as I am making other friends God is putting in my life I don’t have to worry because the friends I have now I would be honored to have a little of them rub off on me!!

  2. Babs

    My friend Julie (anonymous name) is a special lady in her own right. She is full of life, opinions and heart. One day while in a somewhat small disagreement with another friend who wanted to have her say, loud and clear by the way, was making sure Julie knew that she had done so much more than anyone else did on a project . Julie tried to tell her that it didn’t matter because each person contributed what they could and it was the thought and heart that each one put in. The other person was not having it. She wanted to make sure that Julie knew She had done the most work. Well, Ms. Julue just hugged this lady and said she loved her and before we all left for our homes Ms Julie asked if we could all pray together . I saw the other persons shoulders drop and she relaxed. I love being around Julie because i know she is a true and loyal friend and loves our Lord Jesus Christ and turns to him in all situations. I wanna be just like her!!!

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