Peaceful Waters

One of my FAVORITE places to be on the planet is swimming at 80 feet below the surface of the ocean. I’m always amazed at all the unbelievable “Alice in Wonderland-like” things that God created!

I don’t get to do it very often, so you’d think I would’ve relished the moment.

Instead…I got DISTRACTED!

I was worried that David wasn’t having a good time. I was concerned about our daughter-in-love, Morgan, who kept falling behind the rest of our group distracted by the beauty.

Then my mask started leaking a little, and my mind started rehearsing worst-case scenarios!“What if this happens? Will I still be ok?”

In the most beautiful, peaceful, and serene place on the Earth, I managed to lose my PEACE!

  • When we lose our peace, nothing good EVER comes of it.
  • We stop trusting God because we know the Creator of the Universe OBVIOUSLY needs our help sorting things out.
  • We MISS seeing the blessings of God because we’re too distracted to notice the beauty that’s all around us.

The entire time that I was worried about other things, I didn’t notice any of the PHENOMENAL creatures under the sea!

They were there…WAITING.

God was there…just WANTING to be praised.

We can still care about others without TAKING ON their care. I can care that my stupid, cheap, rental mask is leaking, without starting a whole mental dialogue.

Protect your heart! Keep your peace and cast ALL YOUR CARES on Him because He cares for you!


Am I the ONLY ONE this has happened to? Don’t leave me out here alone. If it’s you too, give me an emoji!!!And what did you do about it?

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  1. Whitney Mollison

    Yes. We need to appericate the beauty that surrounds us in today society. God wants us to cast our worries upon him. Praise our God for his magnify vision for us.

  2. Erica

    I’m actually experiencing this feeling now. Learning to appreciate my blessing of life . So much has happened in a few months and the good does outweigh the bad. I found myself almost depressed thinking of what went wrong but prayed and celebrated all that was good. It is still a struggle but only because the control in me has to know what happens next. I’m focused on trusting God and letting him show out.

  3. Randy McMullen

    Being a Michigan Transplant now for 19 years I sometimes forget the beauty of how lucky I am to be so close the beach and warm weather.
    I tend to get caught up in my relationships and finances which distracts me from my surroundings. I can remember the first time crossing the causeway on my way to the beach and how happy I was. Through your ministry I am feeling more blessed and grateful for where I am.

    Thank You Pastor Nicole and David!!

  4. Tammy

    Thank you for sharing… It does feel like I’m the only one that thinks this way sometimes…I am constantly distracted from enjoying the blessings God gives me because I am so concerned about solving or worrying about all my children’s worries and concerns… This is a great reminder that God is in full control And I have the power to give and surrender to him ♥️

  5. Najeebah Lawrence

    Yes Pastor Nicole! On my wedding day 16 years ago…I remember nothing meaningful because I was too busy worrying about everything/everyone else. My thoughts: Will there be enough seating? Did the cake arrive yet? Will the children be on their best behavior for photos? Instead, I should’ve been soaking in all the beautiful decorations, all my family & friends there to support us, the man I was marrying and I most definitely should’ve been more focused on inviting the holy spirit into the room and into our marriage. We are still happily married, but I don’t remember much. Hope to be like you when I grow up and go deep sea diving! LOL

  6. Phoebe Anthony

    Love the Picture of you 2. Yes Distractions can cause you to not enjoy fun times for sure. Fear can take the joy out of it as well.

    God Bless.

  7. Jasmine

    Me too! 🙃 I’m a stay at home mom and try to set aside a day or two a week where the kids and I just play. Nerf guns, legos, etc. Basically wreck the house! But sometimes, as we’re playing, I start looking around and seeing the mess and planning in my head when we’ll clean and how long it will take. I stop focusing on the kids and actually get a little irritated that the house is a mess! So when this happens, i remind myself that everything will get cleaned up and they always help. Also, one day they won’t want to play with legos and dolls and have nerf guns so I need to enjoy the moment.

  8. Sara Maria Tapirdau

    No way! In New Year’s Eve instead of being so thankful to God and praising Him, I got distracted by some minor problems and peace went away. I regret it a little, but God taught me some useful things that day 🙂

  9. Sophia

    Yes, Pastor Nicole, that has happened to me many times. Then when it is all over I will always remember I didn’t take any pictures…something I planned to do weeks before .

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