The Right Kind of Friends

I remember, one time, when David and I had to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night. Ashtyn was still too young to leave by herself. But, she was sound asleep and we didn’t want to drag her out of bed.

My extended family was all out of town and we needed someone to call. At 3:00 am, we called one of our friends and they were immediately THERE for us.

This family, had us covered!

There is HUGE value in surrounding ourselves with people that believe like we do. We all need the right “THEY” in our lives!

How do you find that and how do you know who THEY are?

In the Bible, (Mark 2) a paralyzed man had these four crazy friends. When Jesus came to town, there was NO WAY for this man to help himself. His relationship with other Christ followers built him a bridge to connect to Jesus.

He was HEALED because he had the right group of friends around him.

In an iConnect small group at church, we can find the right “THEY” to support us. Those are the kind of people that will be there for us in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT when we need help, counsel or prayer.

Do you have a faithful friend you can call in the middle of the night for help? Give them a shout-out here!

Strong friendships and healthy relationships are something we need to talk more about.  Make sure to join David and I, this weekend, for “He Said, She Said”, a NEW Faith Church series!


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  1. Ericka

    Funny u ask that say that. Because I can remember years ago I had a lot of “friends” or I thought I did. It wasn’t till I gave up somethings or dropped a lot a lot of bad habits/choices or, didn’t have that “nice car” anymore they stopped callin, comin around.

    Now I’ll be 28 next month and realize it doesn’t matter how many ppl follow u like glue but the INTENTION they have for being in ur life.
    Yeah sometimes I feel lame for saying “I don’t have a best friend.” But needless to say God has always been the ONE BEST FRIEND I NEEDED.

    Yeah He’s not human but that’s probably an added plus.! 😝 But He bein such a true best friend to me led me to tonight’s ONLINE ICONMECT starting shortly I’m excited to meet the wonderful ppl in tonight’s group! ☺️

  2. John H Shepherd, III

    Pastors Nicole and David,
    I love you guys analogies to different biblical subjects…I’m a ordained minister of the Gospel…in fact, I was privileged to marry two of your congregants (Michael Hall and Tenelle Hollins) and I encouraged them to continue the counseling that you guys provide…well, God bless the both of you…I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it!!!!!!!!

  3. Kelley Christopher

    Pastor Nicole my friend I totally know what you are talking about those loyal friends .. especially through the last 18 months.. I found at times I was a people pleaser and tried to help ALL looking at them as friends (which I’m a caretaker and serving and sometime an enabler…
    Through my trials this year I feel like I’ve grown an set healthy boundaries …

    I tell you on thing my true friends were there no matter what when needed them … Those friendships can be greater than family!!!

    Thanks for being my friend no matter what!

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