Send it Back!

One night after church, a bunch of us decided we needed to go to iHop! (Because that’s how we roll!)

Jai, our Worship Pastor, ordered scrambled eggs with cheese. Pretty simple… no big deal. Not me! I’m complicated. My order is CRAZY!

I’m like,“I’ll have the New York cheesecake pancakes, but I DON’T want whipped cream, but I DO want double the strawberries, and DON’T bring me any syrup. I want my eggs over easy, but I want the turkey sausage NOT the turkey bacon. And I’ll do the hash browns, but I only want them if they’re EXTRA crispy because I DON’T like it when they’re squishy in the middle.”

Hey… if I’m gonna invest the calories, I don’t want to eat just anything. I want EXACTLY what I ordered

When our food came, mine was perfect, but Jai’s eggs didn’t have any cheese. She kept trying to get the waitress’ attention. I felt so bad for her because her food was getting COLD while I was getting FAT!

When the waitress finally came over, Jai was so sweet and polite.“Could you please put some cheese on and melt it in the microwave? That’d be awesome.” 

The waitress said, “Oh HONEY! We’re not gonna microwave your eggs! We’re gonna make you some FRESH eggs. They’ll be the CHEESIEST eggs you ever did see!”

So Jai says, “Well if you’re gonna do all that…then I’ll take some avocado on the side, TOO

God has ordered up pretty amazing lives for uswith all the FIXINS! But, it’s the enemy’s job to make us doubt what God can do.

We don’t have to suffer through a bunch of stuff that was never intended for us: the bad relationship, the terrible diagnosis, the financial ruin.

Don’t accept anything less than God’s best. Just SEND IT BACK!


Have you ever had to send something back at a restaurant because it was just not what you ordered? (Show me a raised hand) Or, am I the only one?

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  1. Ernest

    Thank you for this message Nicole, I hope, and it is true, patience and kindness are signs for those who decide to follow Jesus. we read the Bible, we attend several bible studies but sometimes we fail to apply what we have learned from our bible studies. blessings

  2. Soph

    Lol, I did that at red lobster once… Lobster was not cook to my liking… I felt funny sending it back.. But it was expensive…. I had to have it done to my liking. … You know the enemy has a way of making us accept things by making us feel guilty… Even when it is our right!

  3. Im the Queen of sending back, taking back(i dont like to try clothes on in a store or shop so I buy, try on at home & usually take back!!A LOT !!. 😜. Ive just turned 70 & have started watching BVOVN & do enjoy,yes, but more importantly use the information, the “think about this”moments, the “Oh my goodness she must have been in that store & saw me!”Moments. Im so glad you kept on keeping on. Please, when the enemy is wispering sweet somethings(lies) in your ear(prob. every second) just say thank you because you know you have hit the mark!!! If we never personally meet here I’ll see you in heaven. Dont worry you’ll recognize me, maybe even as we are going up. HEY! I DIDNT KNOW ID BE RIGHT BESIDE YOU AT RAPTURE!
    We, hubby Tom & I watch,record & pray for not only you & your show but The Real Life messages too. Love u hubby & daughter.
    God Bless you & yours more & more
    Love In Christ

  4. Mabel Davis

    Amen. Thank pastor Crank. From now on I will be wise enough to send back to sender what is not from my heavenly Father, God. Instead of trying to whole on and figure it out.

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