Uber Empty!

A few months ago, I got called for jury duty. Ugh! When they gave us a lunch break, I called Ashtyn and said, “I don’t have time to come and get you. But if you want, you could call an Uber and come meet me for lunch.”

She called me from the car and said, “Help me, Mom! My Uber driver said he was running out of gas, so we have to go to the gas station to fill up. I told him NO! I’m a fifteen-year-old girl and you’re not stopping ANYWHERE with me!”

Part of me was SO PROUD of her! The other part of me was just hoping that they didn’t get stuck on the side of the road together. That could have been so much WORSE!

A lot of the time, we think we’ve got it. We think we’re being smart and are FULL ENOUGH to make it. We don’t have to go to church because… I mean… I watched it online, sort of!

That’s why soccer games every Sunday morning can become an issue. That’s why boat season can be dangerous. The devil tries to keep us out of church because he knows if he can keep us EMPTY, he can keep us FRUSTRATED!

God has so much MORE to pour into you!

Stop telling Him how full your life is… and how EMPTY you feel! Bring the vessel to where the oil is being poured out so that you can get FILLED UP!

These are your Banner Years! Heaven is about to overflow in your life! Are you ready and available to receive it? (Show me a raised hand!)

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