Steak-Sized Dreams

When our church was really small, God told us to start another campus in the St. Charles area. So, we began looking at buildings for sale.

One, was a run-down old K-mart that needed a TON of work. Another, was a GORGEOUS building in Earth City. It was perfect, but it was under contract to somebody else.

(You ever wanted something that somebody else had?)

So, we kept driving by the dilapidated Kmart. Is this supposed to be our building? I thought it was WAY too expensive and needed too much work.

Then one day, we saw an inspector walking the property. It had just been SOLD! Oh NO!!!

All the way home I’m saying, “I’m SO sorry David Crank. Iwas WRONG! I can’t believe I blew it!”Here, God told us to do something and now we can’t because the only available building has sold!

We were so CONFUSED. Did we miss God? Did God let US down or did we let God down?

Then, Pastor Omar offered us some words of wisdom. He said, “God would not show us a STEAK and then give us a HOTDOG!”

Sure enough, Commerce Bank called back. When we saw that beautiful building, apparently, I had asked him, “If this deal should happen to fall through… would you call me FIRST?”

He said, “Okay, I’m calling you. But, here’s the deal. I have a list of 20 people who want this building. Y’all have ONE DAY to decide.”

Our board, immediately, voted to buy the $19 million property for just $6.9 million… but, we still didn’t have any money. And we only had six business days to get a commitment letter from our bank. Sheesh!

Even in the midst of a miracle, things can still look IMPOSSIBLE!

So here it is, the last hour of the last day and we still haven’t heard anything. Finally, my phone rang and they gave me the news. David was in the shower.

I said, “Babe, the bank just called and they said… WE GOTIT!”He fell to his knees and just sobbed!

Miracles work by FAITH!

Stop believing for a just a hotdog life. We serve a STEAK-KIND-OF-GOD Who wants us to believe He’s bigger and BETTER than we think He is!



Do you have any “hotdog expectations” of God that you could replace with fillet mignon, right now? (Raise your hand if you can think BIGGER!)






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  1. E

    Amen!!!! ♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭😭😭
    The Lord gave me this wild dream even tho it seems impossible i WILL TRUST HIM for that STEAK SIZED DREAM!! matter a fact it’s making me hungry for a steak (just bought some yesterday!!). LOL 😂😂😂 I LOVE IT!! THANK U FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT!!!

  2. Rose Solomon

    Need my car door on driver side fixed. It broke on Fri and I am not able to exit on that side. The outside door handle broke off a year ago and had that rigged with twistie ties. It is hard for me to climb over the seat to get out. 1998 Camry.

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