Who’s the Boss?

I remember, one day when Austin was in high school. He came in feeling pretty BIG. He was taller than me. He weighed more than me.

So he’s like, “Hey mom! I bet I could take you down.”

I said, “Can you, now, Son? I want you to remember that I brought you into this world and I can still take YOU down.” (I was laughing, serious and sacred all st the same time!)

He laughed. “Mama, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Before he knew what was happening; I hooked his elbow so we didn’t fall too hard, swept his legs out from under him, and put him down (BAM!) right on the floor!

Then, I reminded him.

“I’m your mama! I’m always gonna be your mama! I don’t want to take you out of this world… but I WILL!”

(And then, I jumped up and ran away as fast as I could
before he had the chance to get up and kill me! Ha!)

I knew he could pin me. I knew he could beat me. I didn’t WANT to put him on the ground. But, I needed him to reverence me for just a few more teenage years.

When we start getting big in our own eyes, we start to think we can handle everything ourselves. We don’t need help. We’ve got this!

We actually try to argue and wrestle with GOD, the Creator of the Universe! (What’s up with that?)

The Lord will correct those He loves, just as a parent corrects a child in whom they delight. (Proverbs 3:12 paraphrased)

God doesn’t want to HAVE TO show us who’s boss. But sometimes, it’s for our own good… I’m just sayin’.

Has God ever had to REMIND YOU who’s in charge in order to SAVE you from doing something WILD? Tell me, in just a few words. It’s good to know we aren’t alone!!!

3 Responses

  1. Laura Lockwood

    I love that your still the boss in that boys life. He will grow u with a reverant fear. Like we have to learn with Jesus.

  2. Soph

    You know Pastor Nicole, it was just the other day… I was asking God to teach me the difference between too much “self” Confidence and trusting him completely. I came to realize that there is a thin line between the 2. I had to start telling myself that my “self confidence comes from him. In him I live and move and have my being. I keep this in foremost thoughts. 🙂

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