The Highlight Reel!

Everything looks so shiny! Makes me wanna say, “Awwwww!”


When we see our friends and their beautiful pictures on social media, we tend to get a little jealous. We start to compare our lives to theirs and think,

“Why does it seem like everyone else has it SO together?”

Well… they don’t!What gets posted on “Facebrag” and “Instaperfect” is just the perfect pictures of their lives that they want us to see.

We know, that behind every beautiful selfie is 20 deleted pics.  (Because nobody wakes up looking that good!)




Their highlight reel may make up one part of their lives, but their REAL life is WAY over on the other side…totally disconnected!

Don’t be discouraged!!!

If we’re not quite where we want to be, we can ask God to help us. Whatever we do, we don’t want to be FAKE and filtered…but honest and AUTHENTIC!

Even if our life seems pretty good, right now, the life God has for us is WAY BETTER than this!

God has a BIG future in store for us! We may not be where we’re going, yet. But, we’re certainly not where we started, either!

“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)


What’s the most number of pics you ever took trying to get JUST ONE good one to post? Come on…

My number is prolly 20!

I show behind the scenes stuff like this on my new tv show ‘the Nicole Crank show’ on the bvovn network (channel 265), roku, apple tv, and amazon fire!

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  1. Diane Cunningham

    Good morning! I just set up my dvr to start recording your new show. I already get your email messages and I love Faith Church. My husband Doug , daughter Jana and I have been attending since January. We also just joined the Bible study with Pastor Omar and are starting to meet people. I’m not on social media but I do like to scrapbook so what you say about pictures is true of me. I like to get everyone else but I’m almost never in the pictures. It always impresses me how often your blog or your or your husband’s messages fit my life or my family’s. There are even several services where I’ve been brought to tears because of song lyrics or the message or just the passion in the service. I’ve been a Christian all my life but have never felt so passionate or alive about/in my faith as I have at Faith. Thank you for your Wonderful spiritual leadership. I feel blessed to have become a part of such an inspirational church.

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