Will You Go?

Most of the time, I don’t feel worthy of getting to do what I do. Why would God pick somebody like me?

He should pick someone older, wiser, more educated: someone better… someone more WORTHY.

Do you ever feel small and insignificant, like you aren’t making a difference? Do you feel like you’ve gotten chances in life that you didn’t deserve and may have wasted?

(Am I reading your mail… or just mine?)

Everybody screws up. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody sins.

But, God doesn’t choose us based on our worthiness. He chooses us based on our WILLINGNESS. Because none of us are worthy.

The question is: Are you willing to go? Are you willing to face what looks like opposition… but God knows, is an opportunity?

If God asks you, RIGHT NOW, are you willing?

It doesn’t matter if you think someone else looks more qualified than you. Will YOU go?

If your answer is YES… get ready!

God is so WILD! What He will ask will be unusual. How He asks can be interesting. His timing is mind-boggling. His faith in us is blinding. And His blessing will be beyond imagination!


God has a royal blessing, greater than you think you are worthy of, lined up just for you! Are YOU willing? Give me an amen if it’s YES!


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  1. Laveda Cage

    Good Morning Pastor Nicole,

    Thank you for your awesome and blessed words of windsom. I did question why had God chose me to help with my IConnect Group( Love and Dating) but, after reading this blog; I have realized he has chosen me because of my uniqueness and who he created me to be. You have a blessed and wonderful day.


  2. hopeful

    Yes i will go! Please pray I learn to trust god everyday no matter what the situation. Praying for a better job and happiness!

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